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One Year Later|Sheriff Recomends No Burials at Burr Oak-yourfuneralguy

7 Jul

One year after the gruesome revelations  at Burr Oak Cemetery the Cook County Sheriff is not recommending burials take place at that location. Stating that Folks are emotionally damaged due to the scandal, Sheriff Tom Dart feels that  conducting burials there would be not be workable.

It’s been a year since police began discovering skeletal remains above ground at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip.
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart took over Burr Oak Cemetery in the days and weeks after the bones were being discovered and an alleged grave dumping scandal was uncovered.

New owners are in line to take over, but the sheriff says they should not put new graves in the area where most of the skeletal remains were found on the northwest corner of Burr Oak.

Dart says, “You can never operate it like any ol’ cemetery. Certain areas are sacrosanct. You can’t dig there because there are remains back there and they’re never going to be actually excavated.”

Sheriff Dart says that, in the end, the Burr Oak scandal left a lot of emotionally damaged families.

Burr Oak Cemetery is open for burials once again, but Dart doesn’t think there’s much, if any, room to bury any more bodies. He says even after all the work to sort out the hodge podge of burial records there, there are still occasional problems, like going to bury someone only to find “there’s somebody already in there.”

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Over 300 graves were desecrated at Burr Oak Cemetery. There was a grave plot selling scandal with four people arrested. There is yet to be a trial in this matter.

The scandal has brought new cemetery legislation in the State of Illinois, but the fate of the National legislation proposed by Congressman Bobby Rush-the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act HR 3655-remains to be seen.

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New Lawsuit In Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal|YourFuneral Guy

27 Apr

There is a new lawsuit in the Burr Oak  Cemetery tragedy. It was Filed in Cook County circuit Court on Monday, April 26th 2010. The lady involved had multiple relatives remains desecrated.

The Burr Oak cemetery Scandal was exposed in July 2009. At the cemetery, 300 graves were desecrated and bones were piled up at various locations around the cemetery, in a horrifying scene.

New National Funeral and Cemetery legislation is making it’s way through Congress as a direct Response to this scandal. The legislation is called the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act of 2009.

Burr Oak Cemetery was sued today by a woman who says her relatives’ remains were knowingly desecrated in order to resell their burial plots.

Nellie Riley’s attorney filed the lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court alleging that the remains of her deceased mother, father, three brothers and sister were destroyed by cemetery staff. Hundreds of bodies at the cemetery were dug up to resell the plots for $300,000, the complaint says.

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Burr Oak Cemetery to go for 25 Grand? YourFuneralGuy

9 Apr

Burr Oak Cemetery is to be auctioned off by a US Federal Bankruptcy Court

The Burr Oak  Cemetery Auction is Scheduled for auction on April 26th 2010. Right now there is newly formed company who has made  bid on Burr Oak Cemetery, The  biding firm is  Cemecare. Perpetua  is the company going  bankrupt in US Federal Bankruptcy Court.

The bid consists of:

$25,000 dollars for Burr Oak Cemetery(105 acres). In all likelihood this will become an historical cemetery and there will be few or no burials there.

$250,000.00  dollars for Cedar Park Cemetery(90 acres). This will be a fully operational cemetery.

The offer accepted last week calls for Cemecare to pay $25,000 for the 105-acre Burr Oak Cemetery and $650,000 for the 90-acre Cedar Park Cemetery, Korenthal explained.
Korenthal said while Cemecare’s offer has been accepted another buyer could still purchase the cemeteries if their bid exceeds $675,000 at a scheduled April 26 public auction.
“The properties will go to the highest bidder, so if an offer comes in at $1 million then Cemecare would have to make a higher offer to acquire the properties,” Korenthal told the Defender. “But whoever ends up buying Burr Oak they would not be responsible for the civil lawsuits that have been filed.”

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Burr Oak Cemetery scandal|more grave desecrations.-YourFuneralGuy

2 Dec

Latest in the Butr Oak Cemetery Scandal

Burr Oak Cemetery is having more Grave problems. These are amounting to unintentional grave  desecration. When attempting new burials graves are being disturbed. In spite of Court supervision the owners Perpetua, Inc. have not been able to straighten out the chaos there.

Recently while conducting burials, the continued situation of Graves and bodies have been discovered in the wrong locations. This is a result of the owners, Perpetua Inc original mismanagement of the cemetery.

This was reported recently by the Chicago Tribune.

Meanwhile, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart again called for burials at Burr Oak to be halted. Dart said his records show there have been five to seven incidents of discovered caskets and remains.

“We should not go through this exercise of torturing people,” he said. “Having them come out for a burial and find out there’s someone already there. We need to have these people step back and get it right and at that point they can go ahead with burials.”

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The insensitivity to the bereaved continues at Burr Oak even today. This is beyond horrific. The Culprit is clear in this matter. Perpetua, Inc.

Not only is there not justice here, the world of hurt continues

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Burr Oak Cemetery Opened on a limited basis|YourFuneralGuy

19 Nov

Burr Oak Cemetery partially reopened on November 19th 2009

Burr Oak Cemetery is being opened on Thursday to specific families that have a loved one buried there.

The tickets are being issued by a Perpetua,  Inc at a website at http://www.burroakalsip.com/

Anyone who has a ticket can get in on their assigned day. If You have a loved one at Burr Oak, you can find the information at the website.

Here are some of the details on the Cemetery Reopining listed at the Perpetua Website.

Burr Oak Cemetery will re-open to the public on a limited, section by section basis beginning on Thursday, November 19, 2009 through Wednesday, November 25, 2009. The Cemetery will be open from 8 am to 4 pm on week-days and 8 am to 3:30 pm on week-ends.

We anticipate that there will be large numbers of people coming to Burr Oak, some of whom may require assistance. To avoid the crowd, we suggest that you make your visit at least two weeks after the Cemetery opens.

We have a very limited staff, so we appreciate your patience. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Because of the limited staff, the Cemetery will be opened up on a section by section basis, with a new section being opened each day until all 45 sections have been opened. Burr Oak staff will be stationed only in the areas being opened on that specific day to provide assistance in locating a loved one’s grave.

via www.burroakalsip.com

In order to visit the site one should get on a bus at a specific location-Burr Oak Cemetery Transportation Center at 12250 S Cicero Ave, Suite 109, Alsip, IL 60803. there is parking.

On Friday November 27th Burr Oak cemetery will reopen to the Public.

In July 2009 it was discovered that over 300 graves were desecrated at Burr Oak Cemetery. Four people were arrested. Bones were piled up all over the cemetery.

In reaction to the Burr Oak Cemetery  Scandal Illinois has proposed cemetery reform, and Congressman Bobby Rush has proposed the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act of 2009-Click here

The main problem at the Cemetery is that there are over 140,000 grave sites with only 43,000 headstones.

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Funeral Industry has Gone Insane-YourFuneralGuy

17 Oct

The Funeral Industry has gone insane with Greed.

The Funeral Industry has gone insane with Greed.

The Funeral Industry has gone insane with greed. Next week  the National Funeral Directors Association NFDA will  probably elect a Treasurer(Randall L Earl) who is a possible felon in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Preneed Scandal. In order to put money in their coffin(coffers), they are adding allied members.

Service Corporation International NYSE: SCI  has had Scandals of Greed all Year. This week they announced  “the Keystone purchase”where the # 1 Funeral and Cemetery Provider takes over the #5

From Kathy Jackson.

It seems that the industry has lost its mind to greed. Nothing good came from SCI taking over Alderwood and nothing good will come from this takeover. The biggest losers will be the public , second biggest losers will be the directors who will become SCI. The only winners are the board members who will vote yes based on money rather than SCI ability to provide a high standard of service to the new homes. How sad for everyone in the industry. Clearly no one has learned anything from the previous takeovers or the number of law suits against SCI.

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There is also the Cemetery Greed in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal (Perpetua) and Eden Memorial Park Cemetery Scandal(Service Corporation International)

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Burr Oak Cemetery|current management-yourfuneralguy

10 Oct
The Illinois Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal has promoted federal cemetery reform in the Beraved Consumers Bill of Rights act

The Illinois Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal has promoted federal cemetery reform in the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act(AkA Bereaved Consumers Protection Act.)

The Current management situation at Burr Oak Cemetery is a little confusing. According to a bankruptcy judge the current ” inependent  manager assigned is Howard Korenthal,a management consultant from the Morris Anderson Company in Chicago with experience in turning around troubled companies.

This seems somewhat unrealistic. the consultant has no apparent Funeral or Cemetery Experience. Perpetua, Inc is responsible for paying this individual. He cannot be removed without Court Permission.

A court appointed temporary, receiver from Catholic Charities in Chicago Roman Szabelski who was brought in to run Burr Oak Cemetery temporarily,  remains as a consultant.

Burr Cemetery remains closed.  What is going on now appears to be  in the best interest of Perpetua, Inc and not the families who where Victims of the grave desecration in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.

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