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Hillenbrand( of Batesville Casket)continue to diversify-YourFuneralGuy

7 Jan

Hillenbrand Inc and the CEO Kenneth Camp, have acknowledged funeral industry and Casket sales decline.  The company executive has decided to live with the reality that is there. People are paying less funeral cost and many are continuing to live with the reality of the funeral industry decline.

Hillenbrand Inc. CEO Kenneth Camp might have been content for his company to stick to the casket business, given its predictability.

But with the public’s preference for cremation gaining on casket burials, he knew the company needed a new way to grow. Now, nine months after Hillenbrand closed on the $435 million purchase of Pitman, N.J.-based K-Tron International Inc., which makes manufacturing equipment, Camp is more convinced than ever that diversification was the right move.

“Batesville Casket will always be the bedrock, but we think it’s the right time for us to use some of our existing tools in an industry that can be another leg on the stool,” Camp said in an interview this week.

via www.bizjournals.com

Batesville Casket will continue to diversify in the years ahead. As the funeral industry declines, more alliances between companies like Batesville and other vendors will continue.

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Green cremation, Alkaline Hydrolysis, Resomation, receives unjust Criticism-yourfuneralguy

11 Jul

There has been some negative press of late on alkaline hydrolysis and  the new green cremation, procedure known as resomation. It appears to me that some in the press have not taken the time to understand the process. By not investigating the process and simply attacking the aesthetics involved, a green innovation is receiving unjust criticism.

Here is one recent Headline:

“Belgium’s plan to wash its dead down the drain: Bodies would be dissolved in caustic solution… and flushed into the sewer

It could hardly be said to be the most dignified of send-offs.

Undertakers in Belgium plan to eschew traditional burials and cremations and start dissolving corpses instead.

The move is intended to tackle a lack of burial space and environmental concerns as 573lbs of carbon dioxide are released by each cremated corpse.

via www.dailymail.co.uk

Many of the comments on this article cried Solyent Green is people, an expected response given the 1970 movie “Fahrenheit 451”  Here is Your Funeral Guys comment at the site.
“The soylent green response to this process is quite expected. The Fluid does not half to go down the drain, although the fluid is safe if not welcome in sewage treatment plants. No one eats the remains, in this process. It is eco friendly, consumer friendly, inexpensive and will help the funeral industry around the world deal with their current crisis of lack of funds and burial land.”via www.dailymail.co.uk
In fact green cremation-resomation- is  the most green alternative for disposition available in the world today.
Another negative press report is presented here.

Talk about not giving a proper burial to a beloved one, the Belgium government plans to wash its dead bodies down drains as the corpses would be dissolved in a caustic solution and then flushed into the sewer.

via www.dallasblog.com

The media needs to fully investigate before presenting the negative side of a new innovation. The publics perception will change once the aesthetics are perceived correctly, the cost benefit  to the family is presented as well as the benefits to the earth.

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Army Correcting Problems At Arlington National Cemetery|Your Funeral Guy

30 Jun

The United States Army is correcting  Problems at Arlington National Cemetery, The Secretary of the Army is before the House Armed Services  Committee today talking about the steps he is taking to correct problems with 211+ Graves, a lack of computerized records and old headstones found in a stream near the cemetery.

Auditors are being called in to assess problems. There will be a massive effort to computerize records, something that should have been done years ago. ANC’s problems may be an easy government fix compared to the other problems that are facing the Nation. Still, to redoing the entire Arlington National Cemetery Systems may take years.

Fixing incorrectly marked and improperly located graves and designing a new and effective management structure has been the priority at Arlington National Cemetery since the Army announced earlier this month it had been neglected for years.

On Wednesday, Secretary of the Army John McHugh is expected to tell a House panel that the new management team he installed is in the midst of correcting some of the high-profile problems, while Army auditors prepare for a massive undertaking in rehabilitating how the cemetery catalogues and keeps track of graves and burials. The overhaul is expected to take years, according to Army officials not authorized to speak publicly ahead of McHugh.

via www.cnn.com

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Click here for more on Headstones found in a stream at Arlington Cemetery

Green Funeral?-Ask Your City Cemetery to approve|yourfuneralguy

26 May

Do you want to have a green funeral?some are going to their local city cemetery simply asking them  to make it happen. Many times in life we simply do not  receive what we want want simply because we do not ask.

It may be true in death as well, in regards to green burial.  At last it has happened in Ashland, Oregon.

Residents who want to bury loved ones in an environmentally sensitive way in Ashland no longer have to place the casket or shroud inside a concrete or metal liner or vault.

The Ashland City Council voted on Tuesday to allow such “green” burials in city cemeteries.

Previously, the Ashland Municipal Code required the use of liners or vaults to prevent settling of the ground at the grave site. City staff members who manage city cemeteries said they expect some settling to occur with green burials, but that the problem isn’t anything they can’t handle.

The city of Ashland made the change because it has been receiving requests from residents that green burials be allowed, said Ashland Public Works Director Mike Faught.

“It’s a step forward for those folks who want a natural burial, without having to have a concrete vault,”

via www.dailytidings.com

So if you want a green burial assert yourself. In Ashland Oregon they Have Put Wilbert Vault on Notice.

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Number of Death’s handled by the Funeral Homes down by a third in 10 years?| Your Funeral Guy

21 May

Presently the Funeral Industry is in a major decline. By all statistical indications the number of Death’s Handled by Funeral Homes(Industry)has declined on a large scale in the USA. This was brought out in a recent news article by Ken Gronbach, at cnbc..com.

Handling 3 million deaths 10 years ago now it is estimated that only two million deaths are handled by the Funeral Industry so what happened Down by one third. Snippet:

For those in the funeral industry, death, or lack thereof, has been no laughing matter for almost a decade. Funerals and cremations are at a 20-year low.

About a decade ago, the industry was handling three million deaths a year. Now that number is a third less.

With an inherent gallows-humor bent, it’s not surprising that lots of possible reasons have been circulating within the funeral industry about slow business. Among them are alien abductions, body snatchers, secret and private home funerals and burials, but none seemed to satisfy or be tenable.

via www.cnbc.com

So really is the decline in the Death Rate the real cause of the decline in the Funeral Biz? This analysis seems a bit simplistic.

Truly American Medicine has kept boomers alive. But currently Obesity may change all that. The baby boomers have not died as quickly as anticipated.

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Ground Burials Offered Near Scoreboard at Chicago Cubs Cemetery|YourFuneralGuy

2 Apr

The Chicago Cubs Cemetery, Beyond The Vines is Now letting you be buried near the  Wrigley Field scoreboard.  Now handling more than burnt  fans. You can be buried  near center field wall. Yes, in ground burials.

The small cemetery site for cubs fans is now accepting burials. Yes you can have a burial there.

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Your Funeral Guy is not affiliate with Beyond the Vines and has no fiduciary relationship with those folks.

Funeral Industry Decline:Casket sales 80,000 Less in 09|YourFuneralguy

18 Feb

Batesville Casket Sold less coffins  in 2009 according to the CEO. This is due to a rise in Cremation. The CEO sees a decline in traditional burials and a continual rise in cremation over the next decade.

Batesville Casket is showing the world a traditional funeral industry decline.


Raver said he expects the burial market to decline one to two percentage points a year for the next decade. In fiscal 2009, in fact, the industry sold 80,000 fewer caskets than the year before.

via cincinnati.bizjournals.com

One would think that the sale of the company’s  cremation line would have helped the situation. But this is not the case. People are not going for the higher priced urns and cremation products.

All this as predicted in the work “Rest in Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

For the past 20 years Batesville Casket Company and NYSE: HI, has somewhat  encouraged Funeral Homes to take advantage of the folks in their grief.  There was no protest from this company when certain Funeral Homes marked up their casket prices over 200%.

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