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IKEA offering Do It Yourself Caskets|Your Funeral Guy

22 Jun

IKEA is now offering do it yourself Caskets.  IKEA is joining the Trendsetters of WalMart, Costco and Amazon.com. The Do it Yourself Casket is nothing new. Amazon.com has been selling  one for several years.

It is pretty much common knowledge that the parts for a wooden coffin go for around $200. Priced at $400, The retailer is making less than $100% profit when you take into account the paint Job

“it was only a matter of time before IKEA ventured into coffins. Artist Joe Scanlan has created simple coffins for $15,000—or a book for $27.50 that tells you how to make your own coffin from IKEA parts for less than $400.

Joe Scanlan’s artist statement advocates staging death in times of personal turmoil or rebirth like changing careers.

Whether natural selection, death with dignity, or suicide, intimations of death have gotten artists through many a hard night. Staging death is also an effective way to express a wish, foment resistance, or change careers. You can enjoy the same piece of mind by investing in your eventual demise. Here at Things That Fall we offer three different burial options. Custom is an elegant and unique vessel crafted in Australia entirely from Tasmanian Blackwood and shipped to you. via www.trendhunter.com”

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Not Worth a read:Curtains Adventures of an Undertaking in Training| your funeral guy book review.

22 Apr

Adventures of an Undertaking in Training– In this book a Media Guy goes underground in the Funeral Biz giving us  Funny Funeral stories  quips, but no meaningful content beyond that. There are underlying agendas, opinions, in this work, something that should never be found in a Funeral Book.

This work is somewhat entertaining .But that is where the value the book ends.There is plenty in this book about the Funeral Business. Media types have reported and gone underground in the funeral industry before reporting on the dismal trade with great humor. Other authors have been able to add practical advice for the consumer along the way. Tom Jokinen’s book does not do either.

There are humorous descriptions of dead bodies and what is done to them in the preparation room. There is a plethora of funeral books like that.

What is striking is the way the author supports the traditional North American way of the Funeral. The book tries to present cremation as revolutionary approach. That revolution is over cremation is mainstream in funerals. The funeral cost practice of Funeral Homes charging too much for a cremation is not addressed. The issue of Funeral Expenses and the way the industry charges the consumer is glossed over.

To the authors credit he does point out pre need, and the prepaid funeral scam(page 171)-but does not touch on the extent of the problem,  preneed scam that abounds in North America.

Chapter 16 ends With a quote “This… might be the future of the funeral trade: change how people understand death like religion used to” There is a religious bias in this book.

That the book is biased, a strong statement.The authors personal beliefs and opinions jump out on every page. In a book on Funerals personal bias needs to be  kept o a minimum, for a funeral like a wedding is uniquely personal.

The book concludes with a funeral director saying,”I’ll take family over everlasting life”. Jokinen’s humor in the book is laced with disrespect for the afterlife,and offends. If the author wanted to share his thoughts on the afterlife, write about God or Non God, a better forum could have been chosen than a book on undertaking.

This book fails  because it is a failed attempt at humor, better books like this have been done before, it is a biased work and 6 months in the funeral home business is not enough time to begin to have a look at what it is like.

At Amazon.com, The book is tagged in business, and investing.This book will not help you to make an investment in a funeral business  because it does not portay the business realistically.

The blind support by the traditional  media and funeral business is simply out to lunch. ConnectingDirectors.com plagiarized a Time.com  piece called Undertakers Q and A. and posted it in their main section. The sad thing is that Tom Jokinen is a member of the media and not an undertaker at all. What an embarrassment for Time and the Funeral Media site Connecting Directors.

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It may not be wise for one funeral author to come down on a fellow writer on funerals.In this case though being forthright is important.

Your Funeral Guy in National Press on Funeral Costs and IFDA Scam

16 Mar
Your Funeral Guy quoted in National Press.

Your Funeral Guy quoted in National Press.

Your Funeral Guy has been quoted in the National Press on Funeral Costs and the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal.  This has proved helpful in helping folks do a lower cost funeral.

In the March 16th Edition of Newsweek an associate editor referred his readers to this blog.   This blogger was quoted on the increased number of folks who are requesting low cost funerals a growing national trend, a subject often written about here.

“There’s a major movement toward low-cost options right now,” says R. Brian Burkhardt, a funeral director in Wheaton, Ill., who writes an industry blog called Your Funeral Guy. “Those businesses that adjust will do fine—and those that don’t will be gone.”

Back on January 16th 2009  Your Funeral Guy AKA R.Brian Burkhardt was featured in World Net Daily on the other  scandal of  Senator from Illinois Roland Burris Scam-the Illinois Funeral Directors Association. World Net Daily first reported Burris’s connection to the IFDA Ponzi Scheme.

“R. Brian Burkhardt, a funeral director in the state and the author of a book on saving money on funeral costs, told WND he noticed a year ago that the fund set up under the license granted by Burris had reported a $40 million loss – $59 million at the most recent reporting.

“One of the complaints that have been made against the IFDA is that excessive fees were paid to lobbyists,” Burkhardt told WND.”

I am thankful to  Newsweek  for mentioning  low cost funeral options and sending readers to the Your Funeral Guy Blog. Thanks to World Net Daily for mentioning my book on funeral costs and exposing  the Roland Burris,the IFDA Ponzi Scheme(IFDA PRENEED TRUST).

Funeral Cost|Funeral Industry Blog by Your Funeral Guy aka R Brian Burkhardt

Be sure to Check out Your Funeral Guy’s Book Rest in Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

Now A Funeral Cost Last Stand-Your Funeral Guy.

23 Feb

In an effort to come in under the average cost of a funeral an Illinois Resident has taken her stand on  preneed for her family. She has recovered funeral cost money $1000.00 USD of the principal that was paid in 2003.

This lady successfully stood up to an Illinois Funeral Directors Association Funeral Home.  Not only did she negotiate with the Funeral Home(advocated here), she negotiated with the Comptroller of the State of Illinois, and the Illinois Funeral Directors Association-IFDA. You can view the full article here: Pre-need Funeral Investor Demands Repayment of Principal

This is a helpful example of how you can come in under the average cost of a funeral and negotiate your funeral cost.

The scenario is also instructive on why one should not prepay or purchase a preneed contract.

This is outlined in the funeral cost book.

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral.

Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Your Funeral Guy:#3 of Five Things to Know When Shopping For a Funeral

18 Dec

The Funeral Rule is a Congressional Law that protects your rights as funeral customer and helps you lower funeral cost. Many People are forced into lower cost funeral planning when someone suddenly dies. We must understand- that no one likes to think about death and many folks do not want  plan for it.  Even one hour of planning can save you thousands on a Funeral if the time is spent wisely.

The Funeral Rule, gives you the right  to choose only those goods and services you want or need and to pay only for those you select. This applies to making  arrangements when a death occurs It also is true if you choose to make arrangements and pay in advance (not recommended). Be sure to make your arrangements in advance but do not pay for them.

It is also very important under the funeral rule that you be shown a casket and vault price list.  By looking at these lists beforehand you can lower the cost of a traditional funeral and and the lower cost funeral option can be yours.

Many times funeral home owners do not show you all their caskets in the casket display or the casket room. Be sure to see the list. Some of the lower price caskets can be stored in the backroom or the basement.

Essentially the funeral rule gives you the right to compare prices among funeral homes, and makes it possible for for your lower cost funeral. This is done through the General Price list or the GPL. We will address that later.

Under this law,

The funeral rule states that you have the right to refuse embalming (in most jurisdictions)and the funeral director must state it in writing.

This is very important because it opens up the door to low cost funeral options of direct burial and cremation.

Here is my summary of Embalming and the funeral rule.

The main point about embalming is that it is a funeral cost you are not required to pay for. Again,  this is outlined in the funeral rule ( Congressional Law ) designed to protect your Funeral Rights

Many funeral directors require embalming if you are planning a viewing or visitation. Embalming generally is not necessary or legally required if the deceased body is buried or cremated shortly after death. Eliminating this  embalming service can save you many hundreds of of dollars. Under the Funeral Rule, a funeral director:

  • may not provide embalming services without permission; this sometimes happens.
  • may not falsely state that embalming is required by law; you should be informed of this by your funeral director.
  • must disclose in writing that embalming is not required by law, except in certain special cases;
  • may NOT charge a fee for unauthorized embalming unless embalming is required by law;
  • must disclose in writing that you have the right to choose another disposition, such as direct cremation or immediate burial, that does not require embalming if you do not want this service;
  • must in writing disclose that some funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing, may make embalming a practical and a safety necessity and, if so, a required purchase. Your Family can have a private viewing even without embalming.
  • This come from the experience of your funeral guy.
    So whenever you go into a funeral to price shop or set up your funeral
    “Make em follow the Rule” the funeral rule, it is the law in the USA.
    Sadly some funeral home owners and funeral industry professionals do not follow the rule, the law.
    Blog by Your Funeral Guy, Funeral Director, Author, State of Illinois

  • You  may find it best to check out the funeral rule.

    Check out the facts for consumers.

    Note you can effectively deal with lowering your Funeral costs and expenses. Take a few hours and deal with it.

    Read the funeral book: Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

    Your Funeral Guy: Medicaid and Funeral Expenses #2

    1 Dec

    In the previous post You can come away thinking that medicaid does not ever cover funeral cost.

    This is not the case in some cases you can get funeral cost covered under public aide.

    Medicaid is a program to cover medical expenses. Public aide  is a program connected to medicaid that can pay funeral expenses in some states. Please check with your state.

    1st the deceased must have minimal assets

    2nd the funeral home must accept  Public aide funerals.Many funeral homes do not accept public aide funerals.

    3rd If a medicaid spend down has been done and your loved one is in a nursing home they most likely will qualify for a public aide funeral.

    4th Different states handle these programs differently.

    My main point is if you do a lower cost funeral and use some of the tips in this book you may have to pay 0 for a funeral. This is your funeral cost book.

    Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

    Certainly if the public aide funeral is available to you use the funds for your lower cost funeral.

    Your Funeral Guy.

    All of this is from the life experience of your funeral guy.
    Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral This is your funeral book

    Your Funeral guy: If you do not fit in the average hole you will pay more for funeral costs:

    24 Nov

    If you do not fit in the average hole you will pay more for average funeral costs!

    This comes from an excellent blogger–check the link below.

    “Tall John, 6′5″, asked, ‘If tall bodies cost more, do short ones get a rebate?

    Is there a surcharge for fat people? Can two thin people be interred for the price of one?

    Where does it stop?!

    We should all be able to rest in peace and one price fits all.”

    More on this at this link:


    Many times you can lower your funeral costs and actually come to lower funeral costs where one size fits all.

    Here are five steps toward one size fits all.

    1. Green Funerals make for rest in peace.

    2. Home Funerals can make lower funeral costs happen.

    3. Cremation brings one to lower funeral expenses.

    4. Having the funeral at an alternate location other than  funeral home lowers costs.

    5.Going to the funeral home and asking for a low funeral costs is a great strategy.


    If you are too tall or obese you may not fit in the casket. You may pay more for a traditional funeral.

    if you investigate you will not have too pay more if you do a low cost funeral! Find out more in the Rest in peace book and funeral book.

    Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak.

    (your) funeral guy

    More funeral information can be found here:

    http://www.lower cost funeral/rbrianblog