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Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act-23-Cents per family-Your Funeral Guy

14 Sep
Calhan, Colorado cemetery.
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The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act costs 23 cents per family. That is Washington Watch’s breakdown on the Cemetery reform legislation(from the CBO-Congressional Budget Office- Report) also known as the Bereaved Consumers Protection Act.

The legislation will extent the funeral rule to cemeteries and funeral vendors.

H.R. 3655
The Bereaved Consumer’s Bill of Rights Act of 2009
Costs $0.23 per family

via www.washingtonwatch.com

The Legislation was introduced because of the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal near Chicago.

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Funeral Bill 2 Sponsor Stops the bill From Further Consideration|Your Funeral Guy

5 May

Breaking News-Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act, No Full House of Representatives Vote Now

Congressman Bobby Rush(Sponsor) has asked that HR 3655 Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act  of 2009  be pulled from consideration By The House Energy and Commerce Committee.  Rush opposes an amendment to the bill that would allow exemption for religious cemeteries.

The Federal Legislation was initially Drawn up because of The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.

The legislation was NOT Marked up to The Full House for a vote on May 5th, 2010. Details on Further consideration of cemetery reform legislation is not known at this time.

The State Law In Illinois passed a law in response to the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal-“Cemetery Oversight Act” signed by Illinois Governor Quinn in January allows for the same religious cemetery exemption to the law.

The Federal Legislation received STIFF opposition from the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association, Republicans, and Cemetery  Industry Lobbyists.

Help Pass The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act|Your Funeral Guy

4 May

Tomorrow the Bereaved consumers Bill of Rights Act of 2009 comes up for a hearing, before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. There will be a vote to move the legislation to a full house vote.

This legislation (HR 3655)will be good for the Funeral Consumer and the Funeral Industry as a whole. The legislation is known as the Rush Bill or Funeral Rule 2.

Today.you can call and file a complaint with the FTC  about a Funeral Home. As of today You cannot file a complaint against a cemetery, or certain third party funeral and cemetery providers. Last July I received a call from a governmental authority investigating the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal. I had to tell the attorney on the line that there was essentially no effective State Regulation and No Federal Regulation that  Existed for the tragedy at Burr Oak Cemetery outside of Chicago.

Contact Congress today, stop these tragedies and let there be a place (The Federal Trade Commission) where Folks can File a Complaint if they have a problem with a grave or cemetery!


Phone the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee “to SUPPORT H.R. 3655.”

(202) 225-2927

Phone your  friends, colleagues and  co workers and ask them to immediately call the  phone number listed above to FULLY SUPPORT  H.R. 3655.

Phone your Congressman and tell him/her to contact the Energy & Commerce Committee to express SUPPORT and stop opposition to H.R. 3655.

The new LAW would call on the FTC (FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION)to setup rules requiring all cemetery, crematory and mausoleum owners to provide clear  disclosures and pricing information about their funeral, cemetery products and services, including preneed contracts, memorials, graves , grave and vaults.

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Funeral and Cemetery Reform moves closer to passage|Your Funeral Guy

25 Mar

Funeral and Cemetery reform moving through Congress.

Breaking News-Funeral and Cemetery Reform Moved closer to passage in the US Congress yesterday, The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act moved from the House Subcommittee,to the Full Energy and  Commerce Committee in the US House of Representatives. This bill will bring positive changes to the Funeral Industry by bringing cemeteries and Third party Vendors under the Funeral Rule.

The Bill states that a seperate rule would be created for cemeteries, and sellers of funeral goods and burial services.  This bill was written in reaction to the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.  If passed the legislation should prevent another Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal from occurring in the United States.

READ the bill and more  info here

The bill was proposed by Congressman Bobby Rush, of the First District of Illinois.Read  Congressman’s Bobby Rush  latest statement on the bill here.

The Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act is moving through Congress.

In a mark-up meeting today, the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection voted to send the “Bereaved Consumer’s Bill of Rights Act of 2009” (H.R. 3655) to the full House Energy and Commerce Committee for consideration, moving it one step closer to passage. (A mark-up is the part of the legislative process during which the committee with jurisdiction over the bill reviews, amends and approves it, preparing it for consideration by the full House of Representatives.) The bill, which was introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., would require the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to initiate a separate rule that would cover cemeteries and all other sellers of funeral or burial goods or services.

Now, the House Energy and Commerce Committee will consider the bill, likely after the Easter recess. If H.R. 3655 passes the House Energy and Commerce Committee, it will move to the House of Representatives for debate and a vote

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Burr Oak Cemetery Opened on a limited basis|YourFuneralGuy

19 Nov

Burr Oak Cemetery partially reopened on November 19th 2009

Burr Oak Cemetery is being opened on Thursday to specific families that have a loved one buried there.

The tickets are being issued by a Perpetua,  Inc at a website at http://www.burroakalsip.com/

Anyone who has a ticket can get in on their assigned day. If You have a loved one at Burr Oak, you can find the information at the website.

Here are some of the details on the Cemetery Reopining listed at the Perpetua Website.

Burr Oak Cemetery will re-open to the public on a limited, section by section basis beginning on Thursday, November 19, 2009 through Wednesday, November 25, 2009. The Cemetery will be open from 8 am to 4 pm on week-days and 8 am to 3:30 pm on week-ends.

We anticipate that there will be large numbers of people coming to Burr Oak, some of whom may require assistance. To avoid the crowd, we suggest that you make your visit at least two weeks after the Cemetery opens.

We have a very limited staff, so we appreciate your patience. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Because of the limited staff, the Cemetery will be opened up on a section by section basis, with a new section being opened each day until all 45 sections have been opened. Burr Oak staff will be stationed only in the areas being opened on that specific day to provide assistance in locating a loved one’s grave.

via www.burroakalsip.com

In order to visit the site one should get on a bus at a specific location-Burr Oak Cemetery Transportation Center at 12250 S Cicero Ave, Suite 109, Alsip, IL 60803. there is parking.

On Friday November 27th Burr Oak cemetery will reopen to the Public.

In July 2009 it was discovered that over 300 graves were desecrated at Burr Oak Cemetery. Four people were arrested. Bones were piled up all over the cemetery.

In reaction to the Burr Oak Cemetery  Scandal Illinois has proposed cemetery reform, and Congressman Bobby Rush has proposed the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act of 2009-Click here

The main problem at the Cemetery is that there are over 140,000 grave sites with only 43,000 headstones.

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Federal Burr Oak Cemetery Reform|Named Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act

30 Sep

 Congressional Funeral and  Cemetery Reform H. R. 3655

Congressional Funeral and Cemetery Reform H. R. 3655

The Congressional Reform  sparked by the Burr Oak Cemetery act is now available to view onine. The legislation is not named the Bereaved Consumers Protection Act-as reported in the Press. THE BEREAVED CONSUMERS  BILL OF RIGHTS ACT OF 2009 is the Official Name of the proposed law. The legislation is a welcome addition to the Funeral Rule.  Federal Burr Oak  Cemetery Reform is overdue.


This legislation is increasingly important in 2009 not just because of the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal  but  because of a plague of recent  Cemetery and Funeral Scandals across the USA.


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Why The National Funeral Directors will not support H. R. 3655: NFDA OPPOSES  the FUNERAL RULE