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Hillenbrand( of Batesville Casket)continue to diversify-YourFuneralGuy

7 Jan

Hillenbrand Inc and the CEO Kenneth Camp, have acknowledged funeral industry and Casket sales decline.  The company executive has decided to live with the reality that is there. People are paying less funeral cost and many are continuing to live with the reality of the funeral industry decline.

Hillenbrand Inc. CEO Kenneth Camp might have been content for his company to stick to the casket business, given its predictability.

But with the public’s preference for cremation gaining on casket burials, he knew the company needed a new way to grow. Now, nine months after Hillenbrand closed on the $435 million purchase of Pitman, N.J.-based K-Tron International Inc., which makes manufacturing equipment, Camp is more convinced than ever that diversification was the right move.

“Batesville Casket will always be the bedrock, but we think it’s the right time for us to use some of our existing tools in an industry that can be another leg on the stool,” Camp said in an interview this week.

via www.bizjournals.com

Batesville Casket will continue to diversify in the years ahead. As the funeral industry declines, more alliances between companies like Batesville and other vendors will continue.

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Top Ten Batesville Casket Articles of 2010-Your Funeral Guy

6 Jan

Here are the top ten Batesville Casket Company Articles of 2010- Batesville Casket Company is the largest supplier of Caskets in the United States.

  1. Inside Batesville Casket Company it is very competitive, Casket sales are down so much so that it is at least in the manufacturing plants-it’s dog eat dog https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/inside-batesville-casket-company-its-dog-eat-dog-your-funeral-guy/
  2. Cremation is taking the Batesville Casket Company Down As more and More People demand cremation there is less need.for caskets. https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/batesville-casket-cremation-will-take-down-the-funeral-yourfuneralguy/
  3. ConnectingDirectors.com has been chasing Batesvile Caskets since 2009. The Purchase of Goria Vaults, non funeral companies peaks the young webmaster’s interest at this site. https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/connectingdirectors-com-continues-to-chase-batesville-caskets/
  4. The Wall Street Journal has done an article on Hillenbrand Inc, HI and funeral cost. WSJ often takes down their links.https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/wsj-article-on-hi-and-funeral-cost-decline-your-funeral-guy/
  5. Can the  casket company  be raised from the dead?http://www.yourfuneralguy.com/2010/11/can-casket-industry-rise-from-the-dead-your-funeral-guy/
  6. The Funeral industry Decline has sponsored many alliances. In 2010 Batesville Casket Partnered with FTD Floristshttps://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/batesville-casket-company-partners-wftd-yourfuneralguy/
  7. In 2010 a Lawsuit against Batesville casket was dismissed.https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/lawsuit-against-batesville-casket-company-dismissed-your-funeral-guy/
  8. Batesville Casket Company won  a Mexican Knock off  Casket  Patent case.https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/batesville-wins-in-casket-patent-case-yourfuneral-guy/
  9. Early in 2010 Hillenbrand, Inc Had a Moody Credit downgrade.https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/nyse-hi-hillenbrandbatesville-casket-moodys-credit-downgrade-watch-yourfuneralguy/
  10. The Big story here is not a lawsuit. The Story is that the big three Casket Company may begin to sell directly to the consumers!https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/big-three-casket-companies-being-sued-your-funeral-guy/

There are more Batesville Casket Company Blog posts at your funeral guy blogs. Some are more controversial than those mentioned above.

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Funeral Industry:Top 10 Articles in 2010-Your Funeral Guy

2 Jan Top Ten Funeral Websites for 2010

1. TV special Shows what it is like to die

If you or a loved one have thought you may die, it may be a good idea to catch the PBS frontline special”FACING DEATH”.

Would you go to intensive care to die? How long should someone receive treatment? Check out the video.

via www.yourfuneralguy.com

2. Top Three Funeral books in 2010.

There have been three great funeral books published in 2010 that can help with Funerals and your funeral cost. These book state the principles first  presented in Rest in Peace: Insider Tips to the Low Cost  Less Stress Funeral (a groundbreaking 2008 funeral cost book)

via yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com

3. The Average Cost of A Funeral In 2010.

The  Average Cost of A Funeral in 2010 is between $8300 USD and $8500 USD. When Cremations are taken out of the Mix the average cost of a Traditional Funeral is between $9500 and $10,000 USD. This is the average funeral cost for 2010.via www.yourfuneralguy.com

4. The USA will be at the center of a new form of final Disposition: Alkaline Hydrolysis

United States is at the Forefront of Resomation or Green Cremation. The main  companies  are in the United States  that are making and distributing Green, Resomation, Alkaline Hydroylsis, Machines.

via yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com

5.The Bereaved go Bargain Hunting-MSN Money

This article  will help you save money on your or your loved ones funeral, do a lower cost funeral Save on Funeral Cost.

The article is entitled.Funeral traditions wilt as consumers consider the costs

  • Skip the preservative. “Forgo embalming,” says Burkhardt. “Under the law — the Funeral Rule — you have the right to forgo embalming. That can save you between $600 and $800 on the funeral.” Want a traditional funeral anyway? Just choose a closed casket, Burkhardt says. “If the body’s not viewed, it doesn’t have to be embalmed.”
  • Buy that box on the Web. “Get the casket online,” Burkhardt says. “Do not buy it from the funeral home, because — and they hate me when I say this — caskets at the funeral home are marked up between 100 and 500%,” with occasional exceptions, he says. No other single item is so expensive. “I got a $4,000 oversized casket on the Internet (for a friend), and it was delivered to the funeral home the next day, and I paid $1,037.” Today some of the big-box stores, including Costco, sell caskets, too.
  • Shop before you drop. Seek out a low-cost funeral home — one that forgoes limousines, fancy hearses and other trappings. “Prices can vary by $4,000 or $5,000 for a funeral,” says Burkhardt, depending on the amenities offered. But many survivors don’t shop around for deals because they consider bargain hunting an affront to the dead. Getting fleeced, however, is hardly a tribute. Shop around in advance, he says. Even a few quick calls to compare prices once a relative dies can be worthwhile.

via articles.moneycentral.msn.com

6.Plan Ahead Save on Your Funeral,You cannot cheat death but maybe you can get a good deal from the undertaker(Funeral Director).

This is an excellent article on saving on Funeral cost, It also has tips on how to negotiate funeral cost with the funeral director.

7.Lewis: R.I.P.-off: Blog on funeral industry shows schemers know no depths – The Denver Post

This article explores the indictment in the National Prearrange Services Scandal where some executives made off with billions of Dollars of Preneed  Funeral Money by using Correction Fluid.

8. Service Corporation International Wrong body Wrong Grave Scandal

Kim L. Perry said she is a New England manager for Houston-based Service Corporation International, which owns Stanetsky Memorial Chapel in Brookline. Perry has been on the board since 2005. Her five-year term expires next month.

Stanetsky(memorial Chapel  buried one body on Aug. 26 in a grave meant for someone else, then exhumed it the next day and replaced the remains with the right body – all without ever pulling permits at the city’s health department,

via yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com

9.  WSJ article on HI and Funeral Cost Decline

The funeral-service products company suffered as economic uncertainties have prompted many families to choose cremation instead …

via yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com

10.Inside Batesville Casket Company:Its dog eat dog

We have reported much here on Batesville Casket Company, and the declining casket sales due to the rise of Cremation and Chinese Caskets. This has been  brought on by the economy and consumers demanding to pay less for Funeral cost.

Now a recent article has revealed the goings on inside of Batesville Casket Co. It’s dog eat dog.

via yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com

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Batesville Wins in Casket Patent Case-YourFuneral Guy

20 Dec
Official flag of mexican municipality of Guada...
Image via Wikipedia

Batesville has won in an intellectual property patent case involving knockoff caskets coming in from Mexico.

Hillenbrand Inc., the largest U.S. maker of coffins, won an order to ban imports of knockoff caskets from Mexico.

The U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington said Dec. 13 that Ataudes Aguilares will be barred from bringing in caskets with attached memorabilia compartments and mechanisms for letting funeral-home directors swap out ornamental corner pieces. The Guadalajara, Mexico-based company failed to respond to patent-infringement claims from Hillenbrand’s Batesville unit, the ITC said in a notice on its website.

Batesville filed the complaint in June, seeking to protect sales of its coffins with memorabilia compartments

via www.businessweek.com

Batesville Casket Company is the Largest Casket Company in the USA

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Inside Batesville Casket Company-It’s Dog Eat Dog- Your Funeral Guy

9 Nov
Batesville Casket Company
Image by MichaelMinter via Flickr

We have reported much here on Batesville Casket Company, and the declining casket sales due to the rise of Cremation and Chinese Caskets. This has been  brought on by the economy and consumers demanding to pay less for Funeral cost.

Now a recent article has revealed the goings on inside of Batesville Casket Co. It’s dog eat dog.

It’s not perfect here,” said Carr. “But we’ve got to have our jobs. We’ve got cremation, and competition from China. And then within the company, it’s dog-eat-dog when it comes to one plant over another. Everyone wants to survive.” In death care, as in just about all manufacturing today, that survival inevitably entails the demise of others.

via www.theatlantic.com

My opinion and statement on this:This does not even mention Batesville giving deep discounts to almost every Funeral Home in the land.

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Batesville Casket Company Partners w/FTD-YourFuneralGuy

3 Nov
A floral name tribute (spelling out the word &...
Funeral Flowers Image via Wikipedia

Batesville Casket Company a subsidiary of Hillenbrand Inc has Partnered with FTD.com Florists, Now this is unique the world largest casket company is diversifying and getting into many other aspects of the funeral business. Flowers are an important part of funerals but just like caskets, people are demanding to pay less.

It is all about a decline in Funeral cost.

FTD.COM, Inc. (“FTD”), a subsidiary of United Online, Inc., has entered into an exclusive agreement with Batesville Casket Company, the leading provider of caskets, cremation products and funeral home websites, to provide customized, co-branded floral websites to licensed funeral homes in the United States and Canada.

“This program represents a unique and innovative opportunity for both FTD and the funeral service industry. FTD will provide a nationwide system for ordering sympathy arrangements to a market that has not always enjoyed a consistent, quality, branded experience,” said Robert Apatoff, President of FTD Group, Inc. “Thousands of funeral homes and their customers can benefit from easy, online access to a full range of beautiful arrangements designed and delivered by FTD’s nationwide network of artisan florists, and supported by its quality customer service.”

The new program is available exclusively to funeral homes that utilize Batesville’s WebLink(TM) websites. Participating funeral homes will receive a co-branded floral website, custom-designed and hosted by FTD, which prominently displays the funeral home’s name and brand. Consumers can easily access the new floral website to place orders through a link on the existing funeral home website. Tailored for the funeral industry, visitors can choose from a first-class assortment of FTD sympathy and funeral arrangements and gifts including flowers, plants, sprays, wreaths, gourmet foods, and gift baskets.

via www.perishablenews.com

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ConnectingDirectors.com Continues to chase Batesville Caskets-yourfuneralguy

8 Oct
Batesville Casket Company
Image by MichaelMinter via Flickr

The website connectingdirectors.com is continuing to chase Batesville Casket Co. It is my opinion that this company is not good for the funeral consumer or the funeral home. But neither is connectingdirectors.com a website that continues to put out incomplete information to funeral directors.

The Latest Batesville Chase is here:

The economic state of our country is forcing many companies to diversify themselves into new products as well as new industries, and funeral industry companies have not been excluded from this diversification.

Lets look at Batesville Casket company. In the last 12 months they have purchase a burial vault company, a funeral home website company, and a non-funeral industry company.

Batesville’s primary product and their name to fame has been their high quality caskets, but it seems now that burial vaults have been added to their product line their story on casket protection is changing.

via connectingdirectors.com

Casket Protection is a myth, no matter how well sealed in steel or wood, the casket and the deceased will decay. It does not Matter what Vault the casket is placed in, the elements will get in to decay. Batesville knows it, Funeral Directors know it(psst most of the public too)- but evidently the webmaster at connectingdirectors.com does not.The burial vault salesman webmaster needs some more education about the funeral industry and the process of decay.

Casket Price protection is also a myth-online and third party caskets have changed all that-high quality caskets can be obtained on line for less!

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