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2010 Saw the Rise of the Part Time(USA) Funeral Director-YourFuneralGuy

27 Dec
Shop window of a funeral director in France
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Funeral Homes as a small business(USA) in 2010 saw the rise of the part time Funeral Director. With the recent  (Obama’) administration not so subtle opposition to small business,  the funeral industry decline, the rise of cremation and folks wanting to pay less for funerals  this is an expected result.

The administration  in the United States may change their position on this( small business). But for 2011 at least the rise of the part time funeral director will continue.

Over the Year I have spoken to many funeral home owners who are avoiding paying benefits(Health mainly) by using part time funeral directors.

This is consistent with documented  rise of health care rates, at the end of 2010 and the slow  recovery from the great recession.

The great Baby Boomer Die off( death trend) is not likely to occur in 2011)barring a  major national disaster or Armageddon scenario.

The use of Part Time Funeral Directors will grow in 2011 alongside the trend to lower funeral cost

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This is an original your funeral guy post, the opinion of Your Funeral Guy, and not based on scientific data.

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New Funeral Book Can help With a Funeral-Your Funeral Guy

4 Sep

A new Funeral Book  will be out soon that can help with your Family Funerals.

A Good Goodbye addresses the Baby Boomer generation with gentle humor on the vital information about funeral arrangements that most people don’t learn about until faced with a death in the family.

via thefamilyplot.wordpress.com

The Book is “A Good Goodbye  Funeral Planning for those who Don’t want to die”  The book does a good job of explaining what you will need for a funeral arrangement and has some good ideas on Funeral Cost.

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Funeral industry about to Explode? Implode?|Your Funeral Guy

20 Mar

The funeral industry will explode when large numbers of baby boomers die.

Is the funeral industry about to explode? Or are Funeral Homes in the USA imploding, falling apart from the inside?  The answer is quite surprising. Both are happening at once.

Some Funeral homes that have embraced a lower cost funeral model business  are  booming even exploding. For many  Traditional Funeral Homes including the big corporations business is off big time due to the “great recession” (or whatever we are in). Funeral Home numbers indicate an implosion.

As mentioned here Funeral Home profits are down Latest example, Funeral Corporation Stone Mor.

On Monday, StoneMor reported a fourth-quarter loss and said its revenue declined, in part because of a lower death rate. The company lost $3.3 million, or 27 cents per share. It reported a profit of $1.5 million, or 13 cents per share, in the same period a year earlier. Revenue fell 5 percent to $44.2 million from $46.3 million.

via www.businessweek.com

Many Funeral Homes are continuing to sell guaranteed preneed, even though they know they cannot guarantee a lock in of today’s prices(through a guaranteed investment ). in the present enviroment no investment is guaranteed. Funertal Directors have history of taking the folks preneed money both on the local level and in big organizations (Illinois Funeral Directors Association, NPS-national prearranged services). It is quite possible that funeral directors will have to dig into their own pockets to cover funerals (as in the case with the IFDA Preneed Trust in Trust-Illinois) This would indicate a future implosion.

At the 2010 International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association (ICCFA)Convention in San Antonio, demographer Kenneth Gronbach, president of KGC Direct, , author of the best-selling book “The Age Curve — How to Profit From the Coming Demographic Storm,” said the great baby boomer die off will happen soon.

Now when I went to Mortuary school the great Baby Boomer Die off was predicted for 2005, it did not happen. In 2007 the great baby boomer die  off was predicted for 2010, now it is predicted  along  with funeral industry profit explosion for 2014. At some time the explosion will occur.  But  when that happens I predict by  then  funeral industry will look  much different then it does today.

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Lucy| Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Dies|funeral|memorial video-Your Funeral Guy

28 Sep

Lucy of Lucy in the Sky with  Diamonds has died. Her name is Lucy Vodden. The Girl with kaleidoscope eyes  is gone. It is yet a stirring reminder after the summer death. of BABY BOOMER  Mortality and – the fact that we all must die and make a funeral plan.


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has died

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has died

The lady who inspired the  Beatles and John Lennon tune, Lucy Vooden has passed on.

Secretly I still am looking for a girl with “kaleidoscope eyes” to go for a  “ride  in a boat on a river”

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There is no public Funeral plan for Lucy Vodden, Yet.

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Your Funeral Guy: AP article wrong on NFDA Convention and Funeral Cost.

6 Nov

Your Funeral Guy: AP article is wrong on NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association)Convention and Funeral Cost. The lower cost funeral option was left out. The Associated Press article was carried everywhere from Time, CNN to Fox News and many local news outlets.

Not only was the low cost funeral option left out the leader of– preneed companies “The Foresight Companies” almost made the death of loved ones totally insignificant by this statement.

Other than the fatality, what’s the difference between a wedding and a funeral?” he asked.This presents another strong reason why you should not prepay a funeral –purchasing preneed.  The statement is cold and shows disrespect for Grieving families.

Please investigate your lower cost funeral options. There are many blog posts here that help with this.

Perhaps the article should not be entitled:

“Baby boomers’ deaths may fuel funeral industry”

but instead titled:

“Baby boomers’ deaths fuel Lower Cost Funeral Movement.”

I am not prepared to write about this at this time but instead will blog in the future about the looming financial and corruption scandal in the funeral industry. This will be of Wall Street proportion.

You May View the full AP article here:


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