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One Year Later|Sheriff Recomends No Burials at Burr Oak-yourfuneralguy

7 Jul

One year after the gruesome revelations  at Burr Oak Cemetery the Cook County Sheriff is not recommending burials take place at that location. Stating that Folks are emotionally damaged due to the scandal, Sheriff Tom Dart feels that  conducting burials there would be not be workable.

It’s been a year since police began discovering skeletal remains above ground at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip.
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart took over Burr Oak Cemetery in the days and weeks after the bones were being discovered and an alleged grave dumping scandal was uncovered.

New owners are in line to take over, but the sheriff says they should not put new graves in the area where most of the skeletal remains were found on the northwest corner of Burr Oak.

Dart says, “You can never operate it like any ol’ cemetery. Certain areas are sacrosanct. You can’t dig there because there are remains back there and they’re never going to be actually excavated.”

Sheriff Dart says that, in the end, the Burr Oak scandal left a lot of emotionally damaged families.

Burr Oak Cemetery is open for burials once again, but Dart doesn’t think there’s much, if any, room to bury any more bodies. He says even after all the work to sort out the hodge podge of burial records there, there are still occasional problems, like going to bury someone only to find “there’s somebody already in there.”

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Over 300 graves were desecrated at Burr Oak Cemetery. There was a grave plot selling scandal with four people arrested. There is yet to be a trial in this matter.

The scandal has brought new cemetery legislation in the State of Illinois, but the fate of the National legislation proposed by Congressman Bobby Rush-the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act HR 3655-remains to be seen.

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Burr Oak Burial Plot Scheme |warnings on self regulation-YourFuneralguy

14 Jul

The Warnings Signs were there in the Burr Oak Burial Plot Scam

The Warnings Signs were there in the Burr Oak Burial Plot Scam

There were  warnings on the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal and burial plot Scam. Warnings in  books,blogs and the Newspapers. The mess and and heartache for surviving families could have been totally avoided. Just as we trusted Wall Street with self regulation so we have trusted the Funeral Industry to do the same. Right now the FBI is going over the cemetery site to begin cataloging desecrated remains.

Both acts of trust in self regulation  have proven to be a big mistake. No where is this more apparent than Illinois. In 2008 there was the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Preneed Trust Scandal. In 2009 we now have the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal, in Alsip, Illinois

The Chicago Tribune did a May 29 2009 article warning about excessive complaints at the  Burr Oak Alsip cemetery.

This blog and others have warned about a coming funeral industry disaster

The book Rest in Peace Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral has  an entire chapter on the perils of prepaying funerals.

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More information

White House Reverses itself on First Lady’s Father’s Remains at Burr Oak Cemetery

Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal:Could Humans do this?-yourfuneralguy

13 Jul

Chicago Area is the site of the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal

Chicago Area is the site of the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal

Here is the latest in  the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal coming out of the Chicago Area. It is reported that the pile of bones may have the remains of up to 300 humans.

300 Loved ones.

300 Families.

In some ways it is like scenes from the  gas chambers of Nazi Germany. It raises the question. COULD HUMAN BEINGS HAVE DONE THIS?

Jesse Jackson said that those responsible deserve a a special place in hell.


From the Dallas News.

“The former cemetery manager, a foreman, a dump-truck operator and back-hoe operator have been each charged with one count of dismembering a human body.”


The Folks allegedly responsible were named in the press both the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Examiner


The Chicago Tribune posted the pictures of those arrested for body dismemberment

Still they are innocent till proven guilty.

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Burr Oak Cemetery is located in Alsip, outside Chicago in the State of Illinois.

Forensic experts face the difficult task of going through a pile of bones and putting human bodies back together.

This is posted in correction to a  previous post that had the wrong name of the cemetery.-apologies

Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal|USA Worst Cemetery Disaster-YourFuneralGuy

12 Jul

Illinois Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal Largest in US HISTORY

Illinois Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal Largest in US HISTORY

The Burr Oak cemetery disaster may be the worst cemetery disaster in US History.  Up to 100,000 graves will have to be examined. 300 graves dug up, mean three hundred love ones disturbed, a scandal causing grief. This is a sad commentary on our culture. IF YOU ARE DEAD AND CAN’T BE SAFE IN THE GRAVE WHERE CAN YOU BE SAFE?

Reports say that the folks got only about $300,000. How far will that take you? Up to 100,000 grave

THIS SHOULD SERVE AS A WARNING TO ALL WHO ARRANGE FUNERALS & BURIALS, Check out what is going on and who you are dealing with.

Snippet From the Aurora Beacon News.

“The Cook County sheriff’s office estimates that about 300 bodies were dumped at the rear of Burr Oak, in an area about the size of three football fields.”

The body count appears to be going higher and higher.

The Scandal took place at an historic African American Cemetery

The Scandal took place at an historic African American Cemetery

This is sad because this is an African America Cemetery in Alsip,Illinois  with prominent black leaders buried there.

There are reports that families are gathering for a vigil on Sunday July 12,2009 at the cemetery.

According to a posted ABC 7 News report at tribdemo.sites.5ksites.com:

Investigators say more than 100,000 gravesites will need to be inspected at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip

The financial end of this tragedy involved preneed and cemetery plots.

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Burr Oak Cemetery Desecreation|Who’s Watching the Graves?-yourfuneralguy

11 Jul

Who is watching the cemetery?

Who is watching the cemetery?

In Illinois essentially there is no one watching the Cemetery except the cemetery.

The problem with burials at the cemetery is that regulation does not exist beyond a funeral director being present at the grave covering after the person is buried, on the day of the funeral. This is simply to insure that the right person is in the right grave.If you were to hang around after a funeral service, you can watch this.

Essentially after that no one is watching graves and cemeteries  but the families of the dead folks . This was the case at the cemetery in the news near Chicago.  Only The cemetery folks watched the graves. At the Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, IL, they were watching and desecrating.the graves at the same time.

The solution to this type of this problem is to GET IN THE CAR AND DRIVE OUT, TO THE CEMETERY. The Chicago Tribune selected this solution. More regulation by the government in regards to cemeteries will help.. The best thing to do though is to go their and see what is going on.

Regulation of Burial Funds is the Focus of Illinois Law.

In Illinois regulation is in regards to the burial funds is front and center. Rightly so, In 2008 the Illinois Funeral Directors Association mishandled, misappropriated or stole 59 Million Dollars of preneed funeral and burial funds. In 2009 those losses ballooned to nearly 100 Million in the largest monetary funeral insurance scandal in the history of the State.

The Comptroller of the State of Illinois found that burial fund records at Burr Ridge were in Order.

Whoever pulled this off corrected the record to make it look like everything was OK.

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Desecrating bodies in Illinois Alsip Cemetery|Preneed and Greed-yourfuneralguy

10 Jul

Sadly Illinois Burial Scandal where  up to 300  bodies desecrated.

Sadly Illinois Burial Scandal where up to 300 bodies desecrated.

Discarding  and desecrating bodies and collecting money by reusing graves-This happened at the Burr Oak Cemetery in  the Chicago Area- Alsip, IL. Two words made this happen Preneed and Greed.Reports state that up to 300 bodies have been desecrated.

In the last post entitled Burr Ridge Cemetery Scandal| Could humans have done this?-YourFuneralguy.

One realizes that humans did do this and that their main motivation was greed. The way they pulled it off was through at need and preneed cemetery sales.

There are not tough enough laws in  Illlinois for the selling of  cemetery sites in the State of Illinois. Most sites are sold on a preneed basis. This means that people buy cemetery property before their funeral. Many times a preened insurance policy is used.

Snippet  from the Chicago Tribune:

“Illinois Rep. Dan Brady (R-Bloomington) said today the Alsip cemetery scandal illustrates why the state needs stricter regulations over individuals who sell “the pre-need burial spaces in the state.”

Funeral and Cemetery Preneed  Policies have been a probem in the State of Illinois as mentioned often in this blog. In fact the loss of the two largest  Funeral Corporations in the United States. Service Corporation International and Stewart Enterprises  have had horrible loses in Cemetery Sales.

Those in the Cemetery business are hurting. The people  involved here have taken it upon themselves to hurt others by desecrating graves. This a sad burial scandal.

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