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25 Funeral trends for 2011-Your Funeral Guy

12 Jan
local funeral home
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Here are 25 funeral industry trends, funeral industry and Funeral predictions for 2011.

1. Traditional Funeral Industry will continue to decline.

2. Funeral Home profits will continue  be less.

3.The Number of “Lower Cost” or discount Funeral Homes will grow.

4. Cremation will continue to rise.

5. Funeral preneed scandals will continue to abound.

6. More bodies will be put in the wrong graves.

7. The number of people  cremated wrongly(mistakes) will grow.

8. More and more Funeral  facilities will be used for other services(like weddings and birthdays)

9 Number of Non Claimed bodies will continue to increase.

10. The use of  temporary Funeral Workers will grow.

11. More Funeral vendors will sell and communicate directly with the consumer.

12 Funeral homes will continue to use social media(facebook-Twitter etc) to communicate with Customers.

13. Video will continue to be important in communicating with the funeral customer

14 Funeral Industry companies will continue to diversify, going outside the Funeral Industry for income sources.

15. Home Funerals will increase.

16. Green Funerals and green burials will rise.

17. Funeral home’s will continue to aggressively market through their websites and blogs..

18. Funeral Homes and Funeral company mergers will be more will be more and more

19. Legacy.com will continue it’s worldwide obituary empire.

20 . The use of Part time funeral directors will continue to grow.

21. Alkaline Hydrolysis as a form of disposition  will continue  to be accepted

22.Alkaline Hydrolysis machines will be in installed in more countries in the World Including the USA.

23.Alliances and financial agreements will continue to grow between funeral companies, vendors and funeral homes.

24. Funeral Cartels will continue to protect themselves from the free market. This has been addressed in several blog posts. The Cartels being companies and associations gaining protection from the courts and the State Legislatures.

25. The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights  Act will die in The US House of Representatives due to the Elelection of the Republicans

Funeral industry| Funeral News| Funeral Blog will continue

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Green Cremation News from NFDA Convention-YourFuneralGuy

15 Oct
List of constitutions of the United States
Aquamation industries will  be selling a low pressure resomation, alkaline hydrolysis machine  in the United States. Image via Wikipedia

CycledLife and Aquamation shared the same booth at the National Funeral Directors Convention. Reports at the Convention  state that Aquamation now has the rights to sell the  Joe Wilson’s CycledLife machine in the United States.

Reports coming from the convention indicate that the green cremation process on humans  has been taking place  at the Acquamation Industries Center in Australia.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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Your Funeral Guy Exclusive: Sale of one of the Green Cremation Companies Pending

7 Oct

The sale of one of the Green Cremation, Bio cremation, Resomation, Water Resolution,  Companies- CycledLife(TM) is apparently pending. Screen Shot 10.07.10

Here is some detailed information on The Alkaline Hydroylsis disposition machine that was is available from cycledlife or CycledBurial. 

The main difference between ResomationR and Cycledlife alkaline hyrdroylysis machines is price:http://www.yourfuneralguyblog.com/2010/09/resomation-cycledlife-alkaline.html

via cycledlife.com

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Ottawa Funeral Home waiting To Turn on Resomation-Your Funeral Guy

2 Oct
Corley Funeral Home, Coriscana, Texas
Funeral Homes soon may be using water cremation Machines Image by fables98 via Flickr

An Ottawa, Canada Funeral Home is simply waiting to turn on Their  alkaline hydrolysis dispostion resomation machine. The process is also known as bio cremation, green cremation, water resolution, water cremation, cycledlife  or natural crematiom.

There is evidence of  other alkaline hydrolysis machines-green cremation machines  in place(or abot to be in place) in Florida and Australia.

Brian McGarry owns an Ottawa funeral home where he is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a resomation machine. Sometimes called “bio-cremation”, resomation uses a fraction of the energy that cremation does, and the end product is actually beneficial for the environment.

It is environmentally friendly,” he says. “And there’s no emissions.”

Resomation involves placing the body in a giant cylinder that is filled with water and an alkali mixture that simply speeds up nature’s normal decomposition. In a few hours, all that’s left behind is a pure white ash.

McGarry is awaiting final regulatory approval from the city before he turns it on, and he already has customers expressing interest.

via www.torontosun.com

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Talk of Eco Friendly Burials is growing-YourFuneralGuy

24 Sep
Green Burial Ground, Herongate, Essex. This 6 ...
Green burial GroundImage via Wikipedia

Talk of Eco Friendly Burials are growing, as recently reported in The Huffington Post. Yes it is true that  more Americans want eco Friendly Burials and home funerals. Green Burial grounds are opening across the United States. The reality is that the number of  green burials beyond the Traditional Jewish or Muslim  green funeral is not high. Mostly what  we have in terms of Green burial is just talk.  however when thoughts turn to talk they soon turn to action.

The latest form of green burial is alkaline hydrolysis disposition also known as green cremation, resomation, water resolution, water cremation, aqamation,  resomation, cycledlife, and  cycledburial. It is a new form of burial that has the lowest carbon footprint of all forms of burial.

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Exit Strategies and Green, Water cremation-Your Funeral Guy

17 Sep
The carbon footprint.
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The Economist has included Green, Water cremation, Resomation,  and aquamation  in  an article on Exit Strategies.

Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition will revolutionize death and dying in the English speaking world because the process has a better Carbon Footprint than Cremation Or Burial. The process is good for the Earth. The consumer can be charge less than fire or cremation traditional burial. Initially costs to the consumer may be over priced. As Green cremation gains acceptance the price will come down, and benefit the consumers funeral cost.

New technologies are changing the picture, too. One is “water cremation” or alkaline hydrolysis, where a corpse is placed into a heated solution of water and potassium hydroxide. In a few hours, the corpse dissolves into an inorganic liquid, which can be used as a fertiliser, and a white ash-like residue. Aquamation Industries, an Australian company, opened a water-cremation facility in Queensland last month. Resomation, a British firm, will install equipment in Florida by the year-end. Its founder, Sandy Sullivan, says conventional cremation produces four times as much CO2 as does this process.

via www.economist.com

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What offends? Embalming-Blood in Drain, or Green Cremation-yourfuneralguy

10 Sep
The embalming process includes the use of spec...
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What offends you more, Blood going down the Drain in Embalming or water going down the Drain in Green Cremation? Here is a video from the History Channel that explains Embalming and blood going down the drain in embalming. It is not too graphic(quite sterile).

Now look at this alkaline hydrolysis  machine where sterile water can go down the drain or on the ground as an effective fertilizer.

Last time I checked human blood was not safe or good for the Earth. Neither are the carcinogens present in Embalming Fluid

Alkaline hydrolysis disposition is known as resomation, bio cremation, water cremation, water resolution, cycledburial, aquamation and other names.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

CycledLife Machine pic used with permission. Your Funeral guy is not affiliated with any alkaline hydrolysis Company.

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