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Funeral Industry Site says Funeral Scandal Up in 2009-YourFuneralGuy

6 Jan

Funeral Scandal will continue an grow in 2010

ConnectingDirectors.com agrees with me that 2009  was the year  of the Funeral Scandal. However in the forums the webmaster insisted That Scandal Is caused by a few bad apples who disgrace the Funeral Industry.  This is funeral industry myth about Funeral Scandal. Service Corporation International itself  Leader The Funeral Industry Scandal itself amounts to more than  a few bad apples.

ConnectingDirectors.Com and many industry Old timers insist that the media(press) sensationalize scandal because their business is death. The exact opposite is true the press and the media are not inclined to report Scandal because they rely on the paid obituary from the the Funeral Director for money. In Connecting Directors case and the Newspapers it is also paid advertising  from the  funeral home and the industry that fuels lack of honesty.

This is all covered in Your Funeral Guys  Funeral book “Rest in Peace.”  Naively hoping there will be less funeral scandal in 2010 than 2009 is unrealistic

“SCI, Walmart, and Batesville Lead List of Top 10 Funeral Industry Stories of 2009

2009 wasn’t exactly a picture perfect year for the funeral industry. Marred by scandal after scandal, most press that was given to the industry was negative. Lets hope the 2010 can be a better year.” via ConnectingDirectors.Com

For economic reasons alone, Funeral Scandal will increase in 2010.

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In Lieu of Flowers did not mean In Lieu of Flowers at the end of 09-YourFuneralGuy.

2 Jan

The Funeral Industry is trying to change the Meaning of in Lieu of Flowers

To Most Folks In Lieu of Flowers means do not send flowers-Instead Make a donation here. In 2009 The Walter Cronkite Family, Ted Kennedy Family  and Other celebrities used in lieu of flowers as a means to provide donation to their Favorite charity.

It seems that the funeral and floral industry has funded a study that concludes In Lieu of Flowers does not mean In Lieu of Flowers. This was called important at ConnectingDirectors.com and published in the Earth times!

Funeral Flower sales were significantly down in 2009.

Where will Funeral Spin stop! To spend money on a study that attempts to increase Funeral Flower Sales is indeed sad.

Many Funeral Homes sell their own flowers. It is usually best  not to purchase flowers from a funeral home! The best place to Purchase flowers is from wholesalers on and off the Internet. This is a little wedding floer secret as well.

For some Families in Lieu of Flowers sometimes contains a request for donation to the family. For some those funds go to help pay for the Funeral.

Flowers may momentarily comfort BUT THEY ARE NOT AN INTEGRAL PART OF the Grieving Process.

The study was sponsored by ta Floral society and conducted at Harvard University.

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Five Grave Scandals in 2009|SCI-yourfuneralguy

24 May
Service Corporation has been caught 5 times abusing the dead this year. It has been reported in the press.

Service Corporation has been caught 5 times abusing the dead this year. It has been reported in the press.

Here are Five Scandals that have occurred at Service Corporation international in 2009. This is sad. This post serves as a reason why one should not use an NYSE: SCI funeral home. Service Corporation International  is the largest funeral corporation  in the world. In 2009 this funeral corporation has had a host of funeral scandals and has been plagued by financial problems.

April 5th 2009 SCI VETERAN CORPSE ABUSE REPORTED IN  The Washington Post Article and Video

Location: National Funeral  Home, Falls Church, Virginia

April 19th 2009 SCI Ripping memorials from Grave reported in Courier & Press

Location: Alexander Memorial Park  Evansville, Indiania

April 26th 2009 SCI  mishandling baby remains in burial-Washington Post

Location: Mount Comfort Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia

April 26th 2009 SCI has Wrong Body in Wrong Grave-CharlotteObserver.com

Location: Mount Holy Cemetery, Charlotte, NC. SCI Grave problem

May 22nd 2009  “SCI Grave  Problem” palmbeachpost.com

Location Dade Memorial Park, Miami Florida

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World Largest Funeral Corp.| Big Financial Trouble-yourfuneralguy

6 May
The Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation had dramatic losses in the first Quarter of 2009

The Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation had dramatic losses in the first Quarter of 2009

The Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation issued it’s financial report after the closing bell on Wednesday. The Financial results for the first quarter of 2009  for  Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI) does not look good. This report can be taken as a survey of the funeral industry at large. Losses Abound.

Snippet:”Funeral gross profit decreased $24.3 million as decreases in funeral services performed

Cemetery gross profit decreased $13.2 million due to a decline in cemetery property sales and lower cemetery trust fund income”

“The cremation rate increased 190 basis points to 42.9% in the first quarter of 2009 compared to 41.0% for the same period of 2008, which resulted in lower revenues of approximately $4.7 million”

Essentially in the first quarter(Q1) of 2009. There were tens million dollars of losses  for the World’s Largest  Funeral and Cemetery Corporation. The 42% cremation rate has been confimed by Newspaper reports around the country.  Preneed  Trust losses were blamed on the economy.

According to the CEO President Tom Ryan: “we experienced a significant decrease in comparable funeral volume that was more than anticipated”

This is just another strong indication of the coming funeral earthquake in the funeral business.

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Source: www.Entrepeneur.com

Convention Fees Indicate Funeral Industry Woes-yourfuneralguy

28 Apr

The National Funeral Director  Association’s

The Fragile Economy has made things difficult for the funeral industry. It has made end of life choices easier to negotiate.

The Fragile Economy has made things difficult for the funeral industry. It has made end of life choices easier to negotiate.

lower convention fees indicate a hurting funeral industry. A significant drop in Convention rates between 2008 and 2009  indicate difficulties for the “recession proof industry”.

Although  people are still dying folks are demanding lower costs and choosing the low cost option of cremation. This puts the consumer in a strong position to negotiate funeral costs.

Funeral homes just like the National Funeral Directors have had to settle for lower rates and lowe margins.

This is the time to negotiated a lower cost funeral. Take advantage of the economy breaking  to  funeral consumers

Negotiate a lower cost funeral and pay less.

Here is the Comparison in Convention Rates between 2008 and 2009 according to the NFDA.

NFDA Member Non-member
Full conference registration $475
(nearly 10 percent less than 2008)
(no increase from 2008)
Full registration for each additional licensee $390 $390
Non-licensed guest/spouse $99
(43 percent less than 2008)
(43 percent less than 2008)
One-day registration $225
(nearly 31 percent less than 2008)
(nearly 30 percent less than 2008)
Expo only $99
(more than 43 percent less than 2008)
(more than 43 percent less than 2008)
Student registration $45
(same price as 2008)
(same price as 2008)

From the NFDA Press Releaseistock_000003274798small3

“Brookfield, Wis. – Bearing in mind the challenging economic circumstances funeral directors are facing…..the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is making its convention more affordable than ever.”

Psssst-funeral costs are more affordable than ever too.

Challenging economic circumstances make it easier for the consumer to negotiate funeral costs down under the average cost of a Funeral.

Funeral Industry| Funeral Costs Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Your Funeral Guy has declared the Average cost of a Funeral in 2009 to bew $8,500 + dollars.

Funeral Industry Struggling in USA, Washington State-Your Funeral Guy.

24 Mar
Choose cremation if you need to Lower Funeral Costs.

Choose cremation if you need to Lower Funeral Costs.

The Funeral Industry is having a tough time around the country, because  of the difficult economy. Every day there is more evidence for the downward spiral of the average cost of a  traditional funeral.

I have declared the average cost of a  traditional funeral to be $8,500+dollars in 2009. For the first quarter of 2009 that number is trending significantly downward.

This number has been recently confirmed by numbers in Washington State. More and more folks are requesting cremation there and in the the rest of the country. According to KXLY.COM in  Spokane,Washington-Heritage Funeral Home President Dennis Murphy said:

“An individual cremation, you’re looking at less than $1,000, and with the average full body burial with cemetery property you’re looking at $8,000 to $9,000

The bad economy equals more cremations this year.

“I’d say they’re up 25 percent,” Murphy said.

In Washington 75 percent of all funeral business is cremation, and Murphy says that number could reach 85 percent before the year is out.”

A similar article has been posted at the Seattle Times and carried in Parade Magazine, and the Boston Herald. It shared similar information to what has been presented here.

A Rise in Cremation has been documented across the United States of America.

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Your Funeral Guy: Overall Average Cost of a Funeral.

9 Jan

Overall the Average Cost of a traditional  funeral in the United States is $10,000 USD. This according to research on the industry other than the National Funeral Directors Association or NFDA for short.

The NFDA lists the average cost of a traditional funeral to be in 2006 to be $7,323.00 USD to start. This includes a vault.

It appears that  the NFDA gets their statistics from their members. The organization collects this information usually by survey. This is maybe why their figures are  behind several years.

This year in 2009  I have declared the Average Cost of a Funeral to be $8,500 USD. This is due to the rise in cremations and low cost funeral options because of the economic downturn in 2008.

People are wising up and negotiating the lower cost funeral.

Please do not do a funeral  for more than $8,500.00 USD.You should be able to negotiate a high end exquisite funeral for that price.

Save money for the living, lower the cost of a funeral.

Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Source:NFDA’s figures for 2006 here

Comment on NFDA surveys from NFDA press releases.