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Think Twice about cremating your Pet|Your Funeral Guy

11 May

Is Pet cremation a fraud? Well it may be. Are the ashes in your pet urn from your dog or pet? Or is just ashes from a bunch of pets thrown together?

A little known fact is that Pet Cremation and Pet Burial is an an unregulated industry. There essentially are no rules no folks keeping these people honest.

If you do a pet cremation it is very important to determine if the pet is cremated individually or in a group cremation.

Now a few months later my brother’s girlfriend got a job at a different vet clinic and found out that the dogs that are cremated is all a bunch of strays and anyone who wants their dog cremated thrown together in a big fire. Then they divy up the ashes, but of all the dogs together! The ashes in the urn might not even be my dog at all! The vet clinic told her that it is common practice NOT to tell owners that their dog is burned with other dogs. Me and my fiancee were appaled when we found this out. Our dog was a member of our family and now we don’t even know if those are even any of her ashes. I understand if they burn dogs together for efficency or whatever, but they should tell the owners the truth. I NEVER would have gone for the cremation if I had known that our dog was going to be treated like garbag


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