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7 Oct

Patrick_Swayze_Remembered_9b5eThere  appears to be no pics from the Patrick Swayze Memorial service  from last Sunday. There are some interesting descriptions. The actors white horse greeted attendees. Professional Dancers performed extraordinary numbers.

Guests arriving for Patrick Swayze’s private memorial on Sunday were greeted by a lone white horse, which was owned and beloved by the late actor whose boots were facing backwards in the stirrups. “It’s an old horseman tradition,” a source tells PEOPLE of the gesture……Held on the Sony Studios lot in Culver City, Calif., the service – attended by several hundred friends and family, including Whoopi Goldberg – incorporated many photos of Swayze riding his horses, along with a video tribute to the star, who died from pancreatic cancer on Sept. 14. The memorial, planned by the actor’s wife Lisa Niemi, featured speeches celebrating Swayze’s life and a performance by professional dancers in honor of his talent. “A whole dance floor was built,” says another source. “The dancers did these amazing numbers.”


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16 Sep

428383269_bf9d524257There are no plans or funeral arrangements yet for the Patrick Swayze Funeral. There is other action you can take while you wait for the family to make funeral arrangements.

Revealed here is a link to where you can sign the Patrick  Swayze Fan Club Guest book. Perhaps you cannot make to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is just like signing a a guest book at a  funeral.

The actor is well known for the movies “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost”.


This is a good way to leave a condolence or a memorial for Patrick Swayze.

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15 Sep
Patrick Swayze has died Funeral rrrangements not finalized

Patrick Swayze has died Funeral arrangements not finalized

1969 was the summer of love. Forty years later we are coming to the end  Death Summer09 with late comer  Patrick Swayze also known as the “dirty dancer”. He  is the latest victim of the 2009 death summer.. The 2009 summer death saga plans to, will end on September 21st 2009.

Summer 2009 Deaths

May, Jack Kemp, Dom DeLuise, Chuck Daly.
June: Ed McMahon, , Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, David Carradine
July: Karl Malden, Steve McNair, Robert McNamara, , Walter Cronkite, Frank McCourt, , Gidget the Chihuahua.
August: John Hughes, Les Paul, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Robert Novak, Senator Edward Kennedy.
September: Patrick Swayze

There are no  Patrick Swayze Funeral arrangements or plans at this time.

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Patrick Swayze Picture from flickr under the creative commons license from

Alan Light’s photostream


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