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Senator Kennedy Funeral |Apology needed |YourFuneralGuy

31 Aug

Our Lady of Perpetual  Bascilla Place of Ted Kennedy Funeral

Our Lady of Perpetual Care Bascilla Place of Ted Kennedy Funeral

The Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy Funeral was mishandled by the Funeral Directors involved.  The Funeral Directors are SCI,  Service Corporation International also known as NYSE:SCI.

The first few days of the Funeral seemed to come off without a glitch, the public viewing and the Irish Wake, gave all Americans a glimpse of an excellent celebration of life.

Saturday, however turned out to be a different story.  At  Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica the Kennedy Casket was brought into the Church perfectly by the US Military.  The flag was removed perfectly by the US Military.

Maybe only a Funeral Director would notice, but the Pal was not placed on the Senators Casket correctly. This caused the casket to go down the aisle to the front of the church with the Pal incorrectly on the casket.  During the Funeral Service, a member of the Kennedy Family noticed that the Pal was not straight, got out of their seat and straightened the Pal.

The Pal not being placed on the Casket Correctly shows disrespect for Senator Kennedy, The family, the religion of the deceased, the Catholic Church, and the congregation in the room(powerful folks eh?)

Service Corporation International should apologize for the error, to those mentioned above  the citizens of the United States and the world.

Maybe Service  Corporation International Should Give the Kennedy’s a refund for the way the Funeral was handled.

Funeral industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Towering Mission Church Picture Uploaded (Flickr Creative commons license) on June 11, 2009
by EdKopp4

Burr Oak Cemrtery Scandal: Proposed legislation Comment -yourfuneralguy

28 Jul

Subcommittee returns to DC to write Federal Cemetery Legislation

Subcommittee returns to DC to write Federal Cemetery Legislation

A  United States House of Representatives Subcommittee is about to propose Federal Cemetery legislation. This is in reaction to the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal. The comments here by MarsellusM710 are his opinions and not those of Your Funeral Guy.

“Dear Funeral Guy and Funeral Service Colleagues,

When will it all stop???  The idiotic actions and the lack of integrity of those involved with the infamous catastrophes in funeral service is simply unforgivable. Tri-State Crematory, NPS, IFDA, the organ/tissue ordeal, SCI’s Cemetery problems, and God only knows how many others and now Burr Oak.  What were they thinking???

And every time there is a reported wrongdoing issue in funeral service or cemetery care the consumer advocacy groups rear their ugly heads and scream for new or more regulation, When in fact there is more than likely regs on the books that already cover the violations and wrongdoings but are not enforced.

Regulators need to get off their duffs and out of the office buildings and be more visible in the field.  In one instance, a field auditor for the Illinois Office of the Comptroller, was doing his or her job, but the boss (Hynes) wasn’t listening or didn’t want to listen, and you see what that got IFDA Trust into.  When regulators, local, state or federal, don’t or won’t do their jobs and lets take it on down to the managerial level, you can almost bet fraud, deceit and greed will raise their ugly heads.

Blog+Image_sized_oldgateThe deeds done at Burr Oak Cemetery has the gruesome makings for an ungodly horror movie.
The Black Community, an entity of people who truly value the traditional funeral, done a dirty deed
by a group within the “community” itself.  Crime truly knows no color or economic background.  Those involved with this will not survive prison.  The Black Community will not stand for this to go “unpunished”, even behind prison walls.

Respectfully submitted,

Funeral Industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

“From the Chicago Tribune”

Stirred by the emotional testimony of the living victims of the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal, congressional leaders left Chicago on Monday intending to push for legislation for federal oversight of the cemetery industry.

Burr oak cemetery pic from religion

Cemeteries being used for weddings-yourfuneralguy.

28 May
Weddings may be taking place in cemeteries and funeral homes in the near future.

Weddings may be taking place in cemeteries and funeral homes in the near future.

Now you can do more than lower the cost of your funeral at a cemetery. You can lower your the cost of your wedding as well.  Cemeteries and funeral homes have been reported to be  an  alternative spot for weddings.

In a Milwaukee  Sentinel l Journal Article a  Stewart Enterprises  Employee said:

Funerals are becoming much more a celebration of life than a dark event, so why not have your wedding at a funeral home?” said Denise Westerfield, spokeswoman for Stewart Enterprises Inc., which operates Wisconsin Memorial Park and about 360 funeral homes and cemeteries across the nation.

Brookfield city officials say there is nothing stopping the park from holding weddings and baptisms in its original Great Memorial Building, the mausoleum with a church-like Chapel of the Chimes where the Jessweins wed.”

Stewart Enterprises, Inc (STEI) and Service Corporation International(NYSE: SCI) may do well to enter this market. There cemetery sales are in a deep black hole since the economic downturn began.

If these guys enter this market they soon would be able to offer Americans affordable funerals. Funeral Corporations  small and large being stuck  in  an unrealistic traditional funeral model may not be able to make this change.

Funeral Industry| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Five Grave Scandals in 2009|SCI-yourfuneralguy

24 May
Service Corporation has been caught 5 times abusing the dead this year. It has been reported in the press.

Service Corporation has been caught 5 times abusing the dead this year. It has been reported in the press.

Here are Five Scandals that have occurred at Service Corporation international in 2009. This is sad. This post serves as a reason why one should not use an NYSE: SCI funeral home. Service Corporation International  is the largest funeral corporation  in the world. In 2009 this funeral corporation has had a host of funeral scandals and has been plagued by financial problems.

April 5th 2009 SCI VETERAN CORPSE ABUSE REPORTED IN  The Washington Post Article and Video

Location: National Funeral  Home, Falls Church, Virginia

April 19th 2009 SCI Ripping memorials from Grave reported in Courier & Press

Location: Alexander Memorial Park  Evansville, Indiania

April 26th 2009 SCI  mishandling baby remains in burial-Washington Post

Location: Mount Comfort Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia

April 26th 2009 SCI has Wrong Body in Wrong

Location: Mount Holy Cemetery, Charlotte, NC. SCI Grave problem

May 22nd 2009  “SCI Grave  Problem”

Location Dade Memorial Park, Miami Florida

Funeral Industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Worlds Largest Funeral Corp:Preneed Dead?-yourfuneralguy.

10 May
Is Funeral  Guaranteed Preneed Dead?

Is Funeral Guaranteed Preneed Dead?

As stated before, YourFuneral Guy believes that the Guaranteed  Funeral Preneed is dead. It appears that numbers from the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation point to the death of the funeral product that has been around since the 1970’s.

Preneed sales at Service Corporation  International(NYSE:SCI) have been declining in the last 2 quarters.

The last quarter results point to corporate disaster for Service Corporation International.

As far as corporate reports go the numbers are buried in the details.

Overall Losses in 10’s of millions the first quarter 2009.

For the 1st quarter of 2009  losses were in the 10’s of millions.

  • Funeral Revenue was down 41.6 million compared to the 1st Quarter 2008
  • Cemetery Revenue was down  23.4 million compared to the 1st Quarter 2008

“Preneed fund ” unrealized losses for first quarter 2009 in 100’s of millions:

“As of March 31, 2009, we have net unrealized losses of $500.8 million in our preneed funeral and cemetery merchandise and service trusts, and net unrealized losses of $189.3 million in our cemetery perpetual care trusts.”-SCI report”

These numbers compare 2009 and 2008 1st Quarter Trust figures.

Preneed trust Losses in 10’s of millions for the 1st quarter 2009.

“In the first quarter of 2009, we realized aggregate net losses of $40.8 million in our preneed funeral and cemetery merchandise and service trusts. In addition, we realized aggregate net losses of $10.7 million in our cemetery perpetual care trusts.”

This all points toward a death that has occurred for guarranteed preneed.

Avoid the wicked flea of guaranteed funeral preneed. It will bite you. So  if the funeral salesman says “guaranteed” flee.

This is just another strong indication of the coming funeral earthquake in the funeral business.

How can anyone guarantee investments 2, 5, or 10 years out.?

Funeral Industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy-R.Brian Burkhardt

The three main causes of the death of preneed are 1-Wall Street Crash 2-the National Prearranged Services Scandal and the Illinois Funeral Directors Association IFDA Preneed Trust Scandal. “See Who Shot Preneed”

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