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5 Sep

Revealed here is the Michael Jackson Private Family Burial Program. For the 200 guests at the burial funeral on Thursday night there was a special program. You can click on the Link here to see the program in PDF format from the MJ Burial at Forest Lawn, Glendale. This program contains the order of service and speakers.


burial_michael_jackson_funeral Photo Source

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Michael Jackson Funeral|Biggest Event| Facebook History-YourFuneralGuy

8 Jul

facebookThe Michael Jackson Memorial Funeral service on July 7th 2009 was the biggest event ever on Facebook. It was a bigger  FACE BOOK event than the Barack  Obama Inauguration.

Television reports have the  event as the second largest FUNERAL EVENT on TV coming in  behind the Princess Di Funeral.

There is no way to measure totally the  viewing audience because live streams were everywhere on the web. The event was shown in movie theaters across the country as well.

Snippet from From

“Facebook just sent us the staggering stats coming out of their live Michael Jackson memorial stream, created in partnership with CNN. The numbers far exceed those from Obama’s inauguration, making this the biggest live Facebook event in history.

As of yesterday 800,000 people gave away the Michael Jackson(MJ) virtual glove gift. The Michael Jackson Funeral was the largest Facebook interactive event  ever.

Commentators and many folks thought the MJ  Funeral coverage was over the top and not appropriate. it was a bit much.

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Face Book has over 4million members and is one of the major online social networking Sites.

Michael Jackson’s Funeral | Memorial Booklet,program

7 Jul


A Michael Jackson’s Funeral  Memorial Booklet was being sold outside the Staples Center. The  program of

Michael Jackson, memorial booklet, program.

Michael Jackson, memorial booklet, program is blank there are pictures of Jackson but no real program schedule or order of service. Blank Program photo from istock photo.

sorts  with only pictures  was being passed out inside the Memorial Service.

There is a picture of the Commemorative Program at

A program in a funeral service is traditionally an order of service.

There was No Order of Service in the 7.07.09 Michael Jackson Memorial Service.

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Staples center pic from Flickr under the Creative Commons license from Christopher Chan’s photostream