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15 Sep
Patrick Swayze has died Funeral rrrangements not finalized

Patrick Swayze has died Funeral arrangements not finalized

1969 was the summer of love. Forty years later we are coming to the end  Death Summer09 with late comer  Patrick Swayze also known as the “dirty dancer”. He  is the latest victim of the 2009 death summer.. The 2009 summer death saga plans to, will end on September 21st 2009.

Summer 2009 Deaths

May, Jack Kemp, Dom DeLuise, Chuck Daly.
June: Ed McMahon, , Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, David Carradine
July: Karl Malden, Steve McNair, Robert McNamara, , Walter Cronkite, Frank McCourt, , Gidget the Chihuahua.
August: John Hughes, Les Paul, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Robert Novak, Senator Edward Kennedy.
September: Patrick Swayze

There are no  Patrick Swayze Funeral arrangements or plans at this time.

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12 Sep
Michael  Jackson

Michael Jackson

Revealed here is a description of how Michael Jackson Looked in his Gold  Casket. His sister Latoya Jackson said he looked “Fabulous” on September 3rd. This was stated in an interview with  ABC’s 20/20.

From the Huffington Post:

In an interview on ABC’s “20/20,” she tells Barbara Walters that the King of Pop was dressed in white pearl beads and a big gold belt, “like a belt that you win being a boxer.”

“His hair was done beautifully, his makeup was done beautifully,” she says.

Michael Jackson was laid to rest in a private Burial ceremony on September, 3rd 2009 at Forest Lawn,Glendale California in the Great Mausoleum. His family  an close friends  were present about 200 folks.

Michael Jackson death has made many aware of his music. Most are purchased downloads.

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4 Sep

Revealed here is the video of the Michael Jackson Burial Service. The guests had to wait because the Jackson Family was late. This was a quiet affair, quite a contrast to the media coverage of the  MJ Memorial service in July.


2 months after his death Michael Jackson was laid to rest.

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4 Sep

The Michael Jackson Funeral and Burial is over. Now you can view the full Michael Jackson Burial Program on the Web. Maybe you were not one of the 200 people  who were invited to the burial. View the burial program here.

Michael Jackson’s grave is in a private area of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Holly Terrace area of the Great Mausoleum and is not accessible, to the public.

Click Here To view the Michael Jackson Burial Program

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Michael Jackson illustration from flickr under the creative commons license from

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Michael Jackson was buried on September 3rd, 2009

Michael Jackson was buried on September 3rd, 2009


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3 Sep

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

The Michael Jackson Burial appears to be under the control of his Mother Katherine and there may be no live streaming video. Michael Jackson is to be buried in a high security spot at Forest Lawn. Holly Terrace is a secure place. Sections are locked. the place is plagued with Security Cameras and listening devices. This will be the place of the Michael Jackson Burial.

It has been reported that one of Michael Jackson’s White Gloves has been placed in his casket. It also has been reported that Michael Jacksons Children have placed notes in his golden casket.

From Time.Com

The private invitation is understated considering the life it is commemorating: a beige cover, with two corded strands, one black, one brown, each ending in sashes, framing the words “Michael Jackson: August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009.” It opens to a portrait of the artist in vivid color, holding flowers. Other portraits — a young Michael and an older Michael, in what is presumably a carnival ground on his Neverland estate — decorate other pages in the thin brochure, along with lyrics and words by the deceased. It asks the recipient to be at The Great Mausoleum of Forest Lawn Memorial-Park by 7 p.m. on Sept. 3 for a private service over his “final resting place.”

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Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Forest Lawn  Memorial Park Sign from flickr under the Creative Commons license from

gruntzooki’s photostream

Photo: Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in Glendale Credit: Francine Orr /  Los Angeles Times

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9 Aug

Reporsts ay that Michael  Jackson's Funeral will be at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills.

Reporsts ay that Michael Jackson's Funeral will be at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills.

It appears that Michael Jackson may have his final burial and RIP at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills California.

Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills seems to be the place that MJ will  be buried.

There have been several at multiple  reports of different types of burials for Michael Jackson: Radar On Line has reported that MJ will be buried next to his grandmother at Forest Lawn.

Other news reports say that MJ will be buried in an unmarked grave, anonymously.

From ET Online.

“ET first broke the news that Michael Jackson’s body would be laid to rest at Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills; it will reportedly be an unmarked grave, because the Jackson family is worried about security and vandals who could desecrate the site,” says Diane.

“According to reports, Michael’s burial will be anonymous, with no formal ceremony or fanfare,” continues Diane. “Only one or two family members — some say La Toya and brother Randy — would be present as witnesses.

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Forest Lawn Mortuary pic from flickr under the creative commons license from Lush.i.ous’ photostream

Michael Jackson Funeral|Biggest Event| Facebook History-YourFuneralGuy

8 Jul

facebookThe Michael Jackson Memorial Funeral service on July 7th 2009 was the biggest event ever on Facebook. It was a bigger  FACE BOOK event than the Barack  Obama Inauguration.

Television reports have the  event as the second largest FUNERAL EVENT on TV coming in  behind the Princess Di Funeral.

There is no way to measure totally the  viewing audience because live streams were everywhere on the web. The event was shown in movie theaters across the country as well.

Snippet from From

“Facebook just sent us the staggering stats coming out of their live Michael Jackson memorial stream, created in partnership with CNN. The numbers far exceed those from Obama’s inauguration, making this the biggest live Facebook event in history.

As of yesterday 800,000 people gave away the Michael Jackson(MJ) virtual glove gift. The Michael Jackson Funeral was the largest Facebook interactive event  ever.

Commentators and many folks thought the MJ  Funeral coverage was over the top and not appropriate. it was a bit much.

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Face Book has over 4million members and is one of the major online social networking Sites.