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Besides IL Governor and Comptroller other Illinois Politicians involved in Funeral Ponzi -Your Funeral Guy.

7 Jan

There are other politicians involved with the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Ponzi Scheme, other than Governor Pat Quinn and Comptroller and Dan Hynes.

Many Politicians are involve in the Illinois funeral Directors Scandal

Roland Burris an Illinois Senator| More On Burris and the Illinois Funeral Scandal|Roland Burris approved the creation of the IFDA Preneed Trust Ponzi   as Illinois Comptroller in the1980’s, Burris was a lobbyist for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association,lobbying  Dan Hynes before becomig Illinois Senator by appointment by a disgrace Governor. As Senator he has refuse to comment on the Illinois Funeral Directors Ponzi Scheme.

Dewitt County Coroner Alex Calvert Of Calvert Metzler Funeral Home in Bloomington, Illinois  More on Calvert here. County Coroner Alex Calvert Runs Calvert Funeral Homes llc. Calvert Funeral Homes is the  the lead name in the Six Illinois Funeral Director Lawsuit against the IFDA. His chain of funeral homes like many of the Funeral directors in the state did not protect the families his funeral homes served by tracking down the status of IFDA funds. Instead he choose a lawsuit!

State Senator Randall Hultgren, Running for Congress.  | More on State Senator Randall  Hultgren|Hultgren was originally elected with the help of his fathers preneed Funds. Coming from from a Funeral Home supporting the IFDA, He refused to speak out against the Scandal as a member of the State Senate Insurance committee.

Illinois State Representative Dan Brady of Bloomington IL. More on an Brady and  the IFDA

Dan Bray is a funeral director as well as a reformer in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Ponzi Scheme. He also gave great assistance in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.

For More details on this story  CLICK HERE

Dan Hynes let the Illinois Funeral Directors Association go to Civil Lawsuit in hopes that the public may benefit. Your Funeral Guy Believes that the matter should have been sent to prosecutors  so the Ponzi Scheme could have been brought to a quick end for good.

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Desecrating bodies in Illinois Alsip Cemetery|Preneed and Greed-yourfuneralguy

10 Jul

Sadly Illinois Burial Scandal where  up to 300  bodies desecrated.

Sadly Illinois Burial Scandal where up to 300 bodies desecrated.

Discarding  and desecrating bodies and collecting money by reusing graves-This happened at the Burr Oak Cemetery in  the Chicago Area- Alsip, IL. Two words made this happen Preneed and Greed.Reports state that up to 300 bodies have been desecrated.

In the last post entitled Burr Ridge Cemetery Scandal| Could humans have done this?-YourFuneralguy.

One realizes that humans did do this and that their main motivation was greed. The way they pulled it off was through at need and preneed cemetery sales.

There are not tough enough laws in  Illlinois for the selling of  cemetery sites in the State of Illinois. Most sites are sold on a preneed basis. This means that people buy cemetery property before their funeral. Many times a preened insurance policy is used.

Snippet  from the Chicago Tribune:

“Illinois Rep. Dan Brady (R-Bloomington) said today the Alsip cemetery scandal illustrates why the state needs stricter regulations over individuals who sell “the pre-need burial spaces in the state.”

Funeral and Cemetery Preneed  Policies have been a probem in the State of Illinois as mentioned often in this blog. In fact the loss of the two largest  Funeral Corporations in the United States. Service Corporation International and Stewart Enterprises  have had horrible loses in Cemetery Sales.

Those in the Cemetery business are hurting. The people  involved here have taken it upon themselves to hurt others by desecrating graves. This a sad burial scandal.

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