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16 Jun

It appears that TV actor Gary Coleman may not have a funeral at all.  A  judge has ordered he be cremated(have a cremation) by today June 16th 2010. Coleman was evidently involved with two women who claim to be the executor of his will.

This is an example of why it is important to preplan(not prepay) your funeral and keep those funeral plans updated when your life situation changes.

Gary Coleman will not be having a funeral, this in accordance to his 2005 will.

An independent attorney was named by a Utah judge to oversee the late actor’s property and his cremation. At this time, Gary Coleman’s body has still not been cremated. Robert Jeffs is the attorney who will be the special administrator of Gary Coleman’s estate due to an ongoing dispute between two women the actor was once involved with.

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife, Shannon Price is claiming that she is the rightful executor of Coleman’s will and is entitled to his property. Now an ex-girlfriend of Coleman’s, Anna Gray, is making the same claim.


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Gary Coleman Funeral-Fight over custody of Body|YourFuneralGuy

5 Jun

Their is a custody battle over the Gary Coleman’s body and it is not clear when his funeral will be. The  Funeral Service Service originally scheduled for Saturday, June 5th 2010, has been canceled. The salt lake city Funeral Home Memorial Estates confirmed the cancelation.

“The funeral for child actor Gary Coleman won’t be held this weekend, as a fight begins to wage between the actor’s ex-wife and his estranged parents over the custody of his body……

“The family [his parents] has different plans than what is in Gary’s will,” said Coleman’s agent, Shielia Erickson.

Meanwhile, Coleman’s parents, W.G. “Willie” and Edmonia Sue Coleman have hired Orem attorney Frederick A. Jackman, who plans to file for formal probate in 4th District Court, Jackman said in a statement Thursday night.

“The Colemans don’t want to fight with anyone. They just want to bring their son home. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman are Gary Coleman’s surviving family. They’re hoping that by applying for Formal Probate, they can get through this process the right way,” according to the statement. “The status of the divorce, whether or not anyone has a will, these are all issues that should be brought to the family’s attention immediately. Formal Probate is the way we make sure it all gets handled properly.” -salt lake city tribune

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Gary Coleman Funeral This Weekend|Your Funeral Guy

2 Jun

Funeral Services for Gary Coleman, the “Different Strokes” Star are expected to be this weekend at a Salt lake city Funeral Home.

Life support was pulled by Coleman’s Wife on May 29th 2010. It  not clear whether the funeral, memorial service will be public or private.

Date and time have not been announced.

Funeral services for actor Gary Coleman, who died from a brain injury Friday, will be held this weekend in Salt Lake City.

Details of the memorial were not set, and the service will be held either Friday or Saturday, according to Coleman’s agent, Shielia Erickson. It also had not been determined by Tuesday whether the memorial would be private or open to the public. The family hopes to have all memorial plans set by Thursday.


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Actor Gary Coleman Dies|Funeral to come|YourFuneralGuy

28 May

Actor Gary Coleman has died,  hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and in a coma he died at age 42 in Utah. There are no Funeral Arrangements public  at this time. Known for his acting on the Television series  “Different Strokes” He  was a television celebrity.

Actor Gary Coleman died Friday at the age of 42. The “Diff’rent Strokes” star had suffered a brain hemorrhage and died in a Utah hospital.

While the actor hadn’t landed a blockbuster role since childhood, fans have already begun outpouring support on Internet forums and on sites like Twitter.


Twitter is increasingly being used for memorials.

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