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Many ways to save on Funeral with cremation-YourFuneralGuy

5 Jan

There are many ways that a cremation can save you money on a funeral. if You Choose  cremation you can rest Financially when you arrive at the mortuary. It is the most expensive part of a funeral. If that expense goes away it leaves room for more choices for memorial services, funeral video,  web casting and extended Celebration(s) of Life. It also leaves more for creativity in funeral personalization and funeral cost.

Even so, she said many consumers often use the savings from the cremation to buy other arrangements for their loved ones.

“They may make reductions in other areas to allow for flowers, video tributes and similar types of things,” she said. “If they do not have a casket burial, they may have some funds to allow for other memorial items.”

Stephen Gehlert, executive director of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association, agrees. “It’s all about what an individual chooses,” he said. “A funeral director’s job is to make sure you are comfortable with your decisions.”


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2011-Positive Funeral Industry Change in Personalization and creativity-YourFuneralGuy

2 Jan
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There is one positive trend that is quite strong in the funeral industry. This is creativity in Funeral Personalization. Everyone in our culture wants some form of Unique. In the past ten years funeral personalization has grown to be amust at every funeral service.

The great recession has forced funeral homes to compete in Funeral Personalization. Many funeral directors are quite creative  at  personalizing a funeral.

From cremation to a celebration of life, memorial services, and traditional funeral services creativity in Funeral personaliation will shine in 2011

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