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Son drove through Northern Ireland with a Corpse-Your Funeral Guy

9 Nov
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A man  Driven through Northern Ireland with a corpse. It appears that he made it into the UK. This is quite a strange story.This sort of action is highly illegal in any part of the world.

The body of an elderly woman that was taken from a plane in Gatwick Airport and unofficially driven to Co Kerry by her son for burial is thought to be back in the UK.

Gardai believe the woman’s body may have been driven to the UK via Northern Ireland by her son after he was warned by a coroner that if he did not bury the body it would be confiscated and put in cold storage at his expense.


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Corpse jockeys are making strange appearances accross the globe lately

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Coroner pleads not guilty to giving away dead person’s TV|Your Funeral Guy

8 Aug
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A coroner outside of Chicago land has pleaded Not  guilty to giving away a dead person’s tv to 2 of his deputies. This is a strange case of death care gone bizarre.

There is no excuse for lack of ethics from elected officials and especially those who handle deaths.

The Kane County coroner has pleaded not guilty to charges that he allowed a TV to be taken from a house where a death was being investigated.

Charles West entered the plea during his arraignment Friday. He’s charged with five counts of felony misconduct. His attorney, Gary Johnson, didn’t return a call seeking comment Saturday.


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Politicians-Illinois Funeral Directors Association Lawsuit by Your Funeral Guy

5 Feb

Politicians are involved in the Illinois Funeral Directors Scandal. This should come as no surprise. Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and Illinois Senator Roland Burris have been named in recent news articles. Madigan in a State -Journal- Register Article, a Springfield, Illinois newspaper.

Burris and Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes have been named in most all the News articles on the Subject. World Net Daily a conservative internet publication was the first to break the story on these two.

It is my opinion that Senator Burris is a culprit in this story. I also believe that Dan Hynes has a white hat on here. Hynes came in second behind Barack Obama in Obama’s  Illinois Senate race.

Everyone from US Senators,Illinois State House Representatives, Illinois State Senators, County Coroners are all involved. Some of these locals are named here.

It should be noted that all funeral directors are required to be politicians. If one works at a funeral home one is required to be involved with a community organization,politics my friend. Funeral Directors in general have a political connection to newspapers and media because they generally control obituaries a key elenent in any news business.

So the Illinois Funeral Directors Association (IFDA) board members, members,  lawsuit participants and funeral homes  involved with  the IFDA  Preneed Trust  are all politicians.

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