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Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal|Sheriff’s Database complete-yourfuneralguy

19 Aug

Blog+Image_sized_oldgateThe County Sheriff has completed the Database for Burr Cemetery. This means that families can determine if there loved ones are located there by searching for a grave. This increases the possibility that the Cemetery may reopen soon. There has been no date announced.

The Burr Oak  Cemetery Scandal was discovered in 2009. There were  nearly three hundred graves disturbed and bones discarded and piled up around  the cemetery. Four People were arrested.

You can get help at the the Burr Oak Website

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Burr Oak Cemetery No Longer a Crime Scene-YourFuneralGuy

8 Aug

Illinois Cemetery Desecrati (Small)-thumb-300x201-49146The latest news in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal is that it is no longer a crime scene. This is according to the Cook County Sheriff”s website. The cemetery has been turned over to the Court Receiver. “BURR OAK CEMETERY WILL NOT BE REOPENED AT THIS TIME”

There is enough evidence gathered for prosecution. The Sheriff sees no need to excavate the cemetery for months or years.

As mentioned in the previous post the recovered bones will not undergo DNA testing. The investigation will continue off site.

From the Press Page at the Cook County Sheriffs Website.

“The turning over of day-to-day operations to the receiver is a step towards allowing the cemetery to conduct normal business,” Dart said.  “I want to thank the public for their patience during the time we were forced to close the cemetery to process the crime scenes and ask for their continued patience while Mr. Szabelski continues to work towards re-opening Burr Oak.  I hope that everything that has been done will help ease the pain of those with loved ones buried here and allow them to finally have some closure in this matter.”

Community Members have come together to form the Chicago Burr Oak  Cemetery Historical Society. They are working together to find a fan appropriate memorial for the bones unearthed at Burr Oak Cemetery.

Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal|For some no answers-

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Illinois Cemetery Scandal:7,000 seek info on desecration-yourfuneralguy

13 Jul

The Burr Oak Cemetery is a crime scene

The Burr Oak Cemetery is a crime scene

The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal in Illinois is the latest funeral  scandal in Illinois. 7,000 people have sought information on their loved ones graves. The Illinois funeral industry has been hit hard by scandal in 2008 and 2009.  The Illinois Funeral Directors Association preneed ponzi scheme has torn  the funeral business apart.

There is an integrity problem in the Funeral| Cemetery Business and it has been there for a long time. The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal  shows how low the funeral business will go for a dollar.


From the Chicago, Tribune:

Relatives of more than 7,000 people buried in Burr Oak Cemetery are trying to find out whether the graves of their loved ones are among those desecrated, authorities said Sunday.

The number of angry mourners grew over the weekend as investigators locked the gates of the cemetery near Alsip and Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes vowed to have the cemetery seized from owners.

Dan Hynes, the Comptroller of the State of Illinois is now calling for the licensing of  Cemetery operators, just as Funeral Directors are licensed. The Comptroller says he will ask a Judge to put the Cemertery into receicership.

Desecration of Graves is a terrible crime.

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Desecrating bodies in Illinois Alsip Cemetery|Preneed and Greed-yourfuneralguy

10 Jul

Sadly Illinois Burial Scandal where  up to 300  bodies desecrated.

Sadly Illinois Burial Scandal where up to 300 bodies desecrated.

Discarding  and desecrating bodies and collecting money by reusing graves-This happened at the Burr Oak Cemetery in  the Chicago Area- Alsip, IL. Two words made this happen Preneed and Greed.Reports state that up to 300 bodies have been desecrated.

In the last post entitled Burr Ridge Cemetery Scandal| Could humans have done this?-YourFuneralguy.

One realizes that humans did do this and that their main motivation was greed. The way they pulled it off was through at need and preneed cemetery sales.

There are not tough enough laws in  Illlinois for the selling of  cemetery sites in the State of Illinois. Most sites are sold on a preneed basis. This means that people buy cemetery property before their funeral. Many times a preened insurance policy is used.

Snippet  from the Chicago Tribune:

“Illinois Rep. Dan Brady (R-Bloomington) said today the Alsip cemetery scandal illustrates why the state needs stricter regulations over individuals who sell “the pre-need burial spaces in the state.”

Funeral and Cemetery Preneed  Policies have been a probem in the State of Illinois as mentioned often in this blog. In fact the loss of the two largest  Funeral Corporations in the United States. Service Corporation International and Stewart Enterprises  have had horrible loses in Cemetery Sales.

Those in the Cemetery business are hurting. The people  involved here have taken it upon themselves to hurt others by desecrating graves. This a sad burial scandal.

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Bodies Discarded in Illinois Cemetery Scandal-yourfuneralguy

9 Jul

Horrible Crime Scene at Chicago Area Cemetery

Horrible Crime Scene at Chicago Area Cemetery

A horrific cemetery scandal in Illinois has been discovered. Bodies were dug up, thrown away as cemetery employees conducted funerals on their  own pocketing the money.This is a sign of the times. Desperate people doing desperate things. This all happened at the Burr Oak Cemetery in the Chicago area town of Alsip.

Snippet From CBS News Chicago.

“Dozens of graves were dug up and bodies dumped in a massive pile at the historic Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, an investigation by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office has found.

Four or five workers at Burr Oak are accused of conducting off-the-book burials and pocketing the cash.

What we found was beyond startling and revolting,” said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

The cemetery owners reported it all  and the authorities were brought in.

It is also a sign of traditional funeral industry demise  in the United States of America.


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