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Your Funeral Guy: Press Reporting folks asking for Low Cost Funerals, Green Funerals

10 Dec

The press is reporting that in this economic environment people are requesting low cost and green funerals. A Report from from Minnesota, states that people are coming into funeral homes asking about these alternatives in the  Twin Cities area,

In Chicago people are doing the same says a local article. The problem for Green Burial Sites is that that metropolitan areas like Chicago are land locked.  Green Funerals most often occur just outside metropolitan areas. Although sites for Green Funerals are being set up around the country in certain areas it still difficult to do a green funeral.

A word of warning, some funeral homes and funeral directors are calling a cremation a green funeral. This is not the case.It burns fossil fuels and carries risk to the environment of mercury pollution from incinerated amalgam fillings.

Cremations are low cost and the average cremation ranges from $800 to $1500 USD. That is much less than the average cost of a traditional funeral. If you want want a low cost funeral choose a cremation or a green funeral. A direct burial also is cost effective. To lower funeral  cost it is best to refuse embalming. The average cost of a traditional funeral was $7,323.00 USD according to the National Funeral Directors Association(2006 average). In 2008 it comes in to over $8000.00USD due to economic pressures.

Your Funeral Guy.

Your Funeral Guy: Green Funeral is Low Cost, What if all the Funerals in the US were Green?

7 Dec
2005 is the year

287, 716,000 is the US population in 2005

2,432,000 deaths in US  2005

Now what if all these funerals were green?

Green Funerals are  low cost funerals.

Green funerals and  natural woodland burials are one way to lessen the impact of traditional funeral environmental harm.

While death is not an easy subject, keeping ethics  and convictions going forward, a green funeral  is a low environmental impact one. After all, if it is about time to go, why not go green?  So let us keep the Planet Green.

# 56 million: The approximate number of people that die on the planet in a year.

# 50 million: Trees that are cut down in India each year for funeral pyres(cremation). This releases 8 million tons of carbon dioxide.

# 200: The number of green and woodland burial sites in the U.K.

According to National Geographic, and the Scientific American

# 30 million board feet of casket

American funerals are responsible yearly for the felling of 30 million board feet of casket wood (some of which comes from tropical hardwoods),

#90,000 tons of steel,

#1.6 million tons of concrete for burial vaults,

#800,000 gallons of embalming fluid, this cancer causing formaldehyde released into the environment. Is embalming worth this cost?

#1,000- to $2,000 the cost of a green funeral.

A traditional burial costs $7,323.00 USD according to the NFDA.

Even cremation is an environmental disaster, with a crematory putting many  toxic substances into the atmosphere, including dioxin, hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, and more carbon dioxide.

I hate to disappoint folks  but cremation is not green. Cremation is not a green funeral and there is many a funeral home that calls it green.

What if all the funerals on the planet or  in the U.S. were green?

More information can be found on this funeral director’s blog.

Sources National Geographic, Planet Green, National Funeral Directors Association as well a the experience of

Your Funeral Guy.

Your Funeral Guy: Green Funerals are Arising Funeral cost to dive.

23 Aug

Green funerals are arising and funeral cost is on the dive. With the horrors of recession and inflation upon us….funeral director(s) and funeral homes have found this framework a key time and opportunity to raise your funeral cost. But you can resist! Just this past week in OHIO green services are taking hold and green cemeteries have taken hold in Indiana …. indicating a much lower focus on funeral cost. There are Pictures and and a wealth of low cost information on Low cost Burials that are green here.

IF you find yourself having to do a funeral at this difficult time you may want to check out this work—

It will help you lower the cost of a funeral. Any Funeral and save 10000 dollars of the average cost of a funeral.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

I also found a wealth of information on the questions on green burials here:

To think a Green cemetery opened up into Ohio this week!!!! Here are some frequently asked Questions! These area part of the post the link mentioned above.

Green burial FAQ

“Won’t wild animals dig up the grave? Doesn’t burial have to be “six feet under?”

Animals digging up grave sites is a myth. A green cemetery in South Carolina, where wild boars are common, has had no trouble with graves being disturbed, according to Foxfield Preserve steward Jennifer Quinn.
Few cemeteries actually dig 6 feet down for graves. Proper burial depth allows the remains to be undisturbed but not so deep that the return to nature is delayed. Graves are dug to 3-4 feet deep at Foxfield Preserve.

Doesn’t embalming permanently preserve a body and prevent the spread of disease?

No to both. Embalming only slows decomposition. The chemicals used preserve a body for a relatively short period of time. As for diseases, with a few rare exceptions, they depend on living tissues. As parasites, they die when their host body dies.

What about water resources? Isn’t the cemetery going to ruin water quality?

A nature preserve cemetery will actually improve water quality. Natural land produces cleaner water than urban, suburban or agricultural runoff.

Can I have a headstone at Foxfield Preserve?

Modest grave markers are permitted but must comply with the nature preserve concept. Markers must be a native glacial erratic stone, such as granite or sandstone, and can be engraved but not polished. The stones must lay flat and have a natural appearance, including irregular edges. There are also size and height restrictions.”

The book presented below will help you with your funeral cost

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak. #1 International Best Selling Author Jason Oman also gave thumbs up to this book. This book is published by Morgan James Publishing.

Your Funeral Guy, R Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director, Author, Blogger, State of Illinois

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Your Funeral Guy: Lower Cost Funerals Green Burials Colorado Springs.

13 Aug

It seems that green Burials, green cemeteries may be coming with lower cost funerals to Colorado Springs. At  the very least the carbon footprint proposal is coming alive in Colorado Springs as a cost saving… Situation as the economy forces the cost savings needed around the country.

Here isa great quote:

“Colorado Springs officials are considering “green burials” that would enable the dead to reduce their carbon footprint.”

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, city officials are reviewing options for management of their city-owned cemeteries, and one of the proposals is to have “green” burials.

Officials say the burials would cost significantly less and “provide a back-to-earth experience” for people who seek to reduce their carbon footprint after their death.

Here is the link to this great article;

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak. #1 International Best Selling Author Jason Oman also gave thumbs up to this book. This book is published by Morgan James Publishing.

Your Funeral Guy, R Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director, Author, Blogger, State of Illinois

Your Funeral Guy: SCI offer To Stewart Enterprises may force Low Cost(Green)Funerals.

16 Jul

SCI (Service Corporation International) offer to by Stewart Enterprises may have unintentionally advanced the cause of the lower cost funeral, funeral cost reduction. and green funerals. On the surface and at their locations it may raise Funeral cost.

While working for several of these corporate funeral homes. I observed them often exchanging staff to be competitive and creating disloyalty among funeral directors. The proposed merger will probably create a funeral firing squad. It will be a human relations nightmare. It shows trouble in the funeral industry!

The Low Cost funeral will become more available by others as this SCI offer shows the trouble the funeral industry is in. Green Funerals, Green Burials, and the low cost funeral will become more acceptable options to the General Public. Many of these funeral folks may have to open and operate in facilities with low cost funeral options and even more dignity and respect for you!

Dealing with corporate funeral homes and their funeral costs should not stop you from getting a dignified funeral at lower cost! Find out more information here on lowering the average cost of a funeral.

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak. #1 International Best Selling Author Jason Oman also gave thumbs up to this book. This book is published by Morgan James Publishing.

Your Funeral Guy, R Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director, Author, Blogger, State of Illinois

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

Your Funeral Guy: Green Funerals Lowering Funeral Cost

2 Jul

Green Funerals are lowering Funeral Cost. As we move Forward into the 21st Century Green Funerals are growing and low funeral cost is on the rise.

From England, to Maine, to the Carolinas, Florida and Washington State to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Here is the story from New Zealand.

“A green funeral is a way of reducing one’s carbon footprint — from the choice of casket to the way loved one’s dispose of remains.”

As the article points out Green means lower funeral cost.

If you want a list of the green cemeteries in the United States description, and it all here

Some information on biodegradable caskets can be found at CNN.

More information on Lowering the average cost of a funeral can be found here:

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak. #1 International Best Selling Author also gave thumbs up to this book. This book is published by Morgan James Publishing.

Your Funeral Guy, R Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director, Author, Blogger, State of Illinois, Funeral advocate

The “Google Books Search” give a look inside the book.

Green Funeral Planner Available-YourFuneralGuy

4 Jan
Facebook logo
Online Green Funeral planner announced on Facebook-Image via Wikipedia

A Green Funeral planner is now available from the green Burial Council. This is a step that will move green funerals forward. It is important for the future of Funerals. This is an online Funeral Planning Tool.

KatesBoylston Publications announced this on FaceBook

Green Burial Council Launches Online Green Funeral Planning Tool SANTA FE, N.M. – The Green Burial Council announced it has launched the first online planning tool designed to allow families to identify and work more closely with funeral service providers offering eco-friendly options, according


This is a very good and creative move by the Green Burial Council- GBC. Many people are interested in Green flolks can go to plan there Green Funeral-Funerals and burials but just do not know where to begin.  Now there is a definitive place on line where they can go.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for a planning tool that could help consumers in what many regard as a somewhat confusing process,” said Joe Sehee, executive director of the GBC. “Not only does the planner eliminate confusion for families, but it raises awareness of the numerous funeral homes and cemeteries they can count on to embrace an ethic rooted in transparency, accountability and ecological responsibility.”

Anyone may receive a copy of the planning document by e-mailing a request to The GBC is also encouraging funeral homes and cemeteries to make the tool available to families inquiring about eco-friendly funeral service.


Funeral Industry| Funeral News| Funeral Blog By Your Funeral Guy

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Alkaline Hydrolysis will change Funerals-Your Funeral Guy

26 Oct

Alkaline Hydrolysis Disposition, Water cremation water resolution or Bio Cremation will change Funerals forever.

Although the 1st  reaction is of many Folks is Ick the process will take hold eventually because Bio cremation or water cremation is good for the environment (The Earth), good for the consumer and good for the funeral industry. Anderson-Mcqueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg Florida is slated to be  the 1st in the country(USA) to put in place green cremation machine.

A bill to legalize the chemical process in New York was called “Hannibal Lecter’s bill.” Just before the same bill went down in defeat in New Hampshire, a lawmaker complained that he didn’t want his loved ones to go “down the drain.”

It’s called alkaline hydrolysis, and it’s one of a wave of green funeral options gaining popularity across the nation. Proponents say it’s better for the environment and gentler on the deceased.

It just takes some getting used to, is all. That’s because it’s basically melting your loved ones away.


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Now you can Have a Green Burial For a donation-Your Funeral Guy

18 Oct
Forever Fernwood Green Burial Grave
Image by kqedquest via Flickr

Now it is happens in Huntsville Texas that you can have a Green burial for a donation. This approach may break green burials through into  real popularity. Truly the carbon Footprint in eco-burial is much better than a traditional funeral.


“While a green burial may not be for everyone, George says it comes with advantages.

“The advantages are tenfold,” says George. “One being the cost of traditional funerals would send a kid all the way off to college–of course the other advantage is recycling back into nature and protecting a part of the endangered ecosystem. When you are buried in a native ecosystem, you are a part of a perpetual legacy.”

Only 13 people have been buried in the ‘green’ wildlife sanctuary since opening–including Kenneth’s wife, Marjorie.

“This is heaven, heaven can’t be any better than this….”

George says the Ethician Family Cemetery is the only non-commercial ‘green’ cemetery–which means individuals can be buried on the raw land for a simple donation…For more on ecofriendly burials you can contact George Russell at: 936-581-4302.”

Funeral Industry|Funeral News|Funeral Blo by Your Funeral guy

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Green Cremation News from NFDA Convention-YourFuneralGuy

15 Oct
List of constitutions of the United States
Aquamation industries will  be selling a low pressure resomation, alkaline hydrolysis machine  in the United States. Image via Wikipedia

CycledLife and Aquamation shared the same booth at the National Funeral Directors Convention. Reports at the Convention  state that Aquamation now has the rights to sell the  Joe Wilson’s CycledLife machine in the United States.

Reports coming from the convention indicate that the green cremation process on humans  has been taking place  at the Acquamation Industries Center in Australia.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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