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Facebook Anger at Westboro Church protesting the girls’ funeral-Your Funeral Guy

11 Jan

On Monday several Facebook groups arose in Anger About the Westboro Baptist Church protesting the the 9 year old’s funeral who died in the Arizona Shooting on August 8th.

This is indeed sad, and the anger is justified.

Face book anger against the Westboro Baptist church at Arizona Funerals

At least three Facebook groups sprang to life Monday less than a day after an infamous church trumpeted plans to picket the funeral of a nine-year-old Tucson, Ariz., shooting victim.

Stop the Westboro Baptist Church” had collected more than 30,000 supporters by Monday afternoon; other sites added numbers steadily as word spread that the notorious Phelps family intended to turn up Thursday for Christina Green’s burial.

Green and five others were shot and killed during a rampage on Jan. 8 at a U.S. congresswoman’s open forum at an Arizona supermarket. The congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, was critically wounded and another 13 people were injured.

In a rambling, error-filled video, 81-year-old Fred Phelps, pastor of the Westboro Church in Topeka, Kansas, proclaimed, “Thank God for the violent shooter, one of your soldier heros (sic) in Tucson,” wrongly contending that the accused, Jared Loughner, had been a soldier in Afghanistan.


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Political Spin to Much to blog on Arizona Shooting- Funerals ahead-Your Funeral Guy

10 Jan
Map of USA with Arizona highlighted
Image via Wikipedia

Pundits and  Politicians on all sides are putting forth too much spin to  blog on  Arizona Congresswoman shooting . Even the other innocents  deaths have been exploited.It is my hope that their Funerals will not be politicized.

At this time it appears that the rhetoric and politicizing  of the deaths and probably the funerals is an unprecedented  tragedy beyond the sad event.

It is my hope that all will back off and respect the dead. The violence deserves condemnation. The issues are complex.

Using this tragedy for Political Purposes shows plays on the  fears and mayhem in this event.

Generally I blog about Funerals when it involves politics. The bloggers, News stations and Cable  Media are way out of control in this case.

It is my belief that the Congress, Law Enforcement and the Executive Branch are all  off the chart, if not the planet. I also refuse to comment on the Barack  “Obama moment of silence” today

I have been praying for the families of the deceased and for the Congresswoman  Gabriel Gifford’s recovery.

The shootings is are a great national tragedy. This Coverage of this  event,( including the possible elimination of free speech) is horrific. It is a glaring Example of the division, hurt, and extremism  in the United States of America.

An Original Your Funeral Guy Post.

Eventually there will be a detailed blog post on all this.

Funeral Industry| Funeral News| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

It is worth noting that crazed shooters, killing innocents and politicians since the foundation of the USA.

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Weddings at Funeral Homes Funeral Facilities A Trend-Your Funeral Guy

10 Jan
A bride tossing her bouquet of flowers. Catego...
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Weddings being held at  at Funeral homes and Funeral Facilities are a continuing trend in the USA. It often is less expensive and bookings are much easier to get. This is simply a consequence of the Great Recession and a slow recovery.

Across the U.S., more funeral homes are building such centers and marketing them not only as places to mourn the dead, but as sites for events celebrating the living, including birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, school proms and, yes, weddings.

The lure? It is often less expensive; there is greater availability; and the settings — inside and outside — can be nothing short of wedding-picture perfect.


Weddings are similar to Funerals Both are event planning. folks can save money easily on a wedding by using funeral home facilities.

Funeral industry| Funeral News Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

It si also a great way Funeral home owners can comat against funeral industry decline

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Top Ten Funeral Websites for 2010-Your Funeral Guy

9 Jan

Top Ten Funeral Websites for 2010Here are the top ten funeral websites for 2010. These are the websites that will help with your funeral. They are the not so traditional websites. These sites usually engage the humor  these are not the traditional funeral websites, like,( national funeral directors association) funeral consumer alliance websites,, or even your funeral guy blogs. In the past year and a half there has been an explosion of Funeral industry websites, but alas most of them are just crude and not so crude attempts at internet marketing of the funeral business, or funeral products.

1.The number one and number two Funeral Websites come from the UK.

My Last Song is an excellent non traditional Funeral planning website from the UK. It is unique, there is none like it anywhere.

My Last Song features a Lifebox to store the important details of your life; advice on farewell music; and advice on end of life issues.


2.At The  Good Funeral Guide Blog, Charles Cowling does a great job posting on everything funeral. Charles  uses humor plus common sense to look at everything funeral.

For all the trainspotterly debate about the relative merits of alkaline hydrolysis and freeze-drying there is, as natural burial guru Ken West likes patiently to point out, already a greener, simpler way of disposing of bodies. Yes… natural burial.


3. Death Reference Desk gives us an academic perspective on funerals death dying and the news. It provides us with a different perspective on these topics. Academic but Relevant.

The Death Ref Research Guides list great books, websites and more to help you start exploring niches of death. These will evolve and new guides will be added as time allows.


4.The Family Plot blog by Gail Rubin. To my knowledge no one else has blogged about 30 Funerals in 30 days and put up videos from those funerals.

The 30 Funerals in 30 Days Challenge started with coverage of the memorial tribute to Abruzzo at the Albuquerque International Balloon Museum on October 29, and it is fitting to add this coda at the end.


5. Death This site provides a good honest intellectual approach to death, dying end of life issues, and funerals.

Based on his analysis of funeral cost(s), he has two recommendations. One is that the industry must work with representatives from insurance companies, and civic and welfare agencies, and others, to reform the death business so competition is not the motivator for people working with the dead. Two is to educate the public on what is truly appropriate when it comes to disposal of the dead.


6.Obit Mag .com This is probably the most highly acclaimed funeral website in the world.

Death gives life its immediacy. Because we know it will end, we savor and value life all the more. Obit examines life through the lens of death. Whether it’s the loss of a person, a place, an object or an idea, life’s constant change presents an opportunity for examination, discussion and even celebration.

By examining the transformations we face, we can understand how the past influences our time and our future.

via, this website has a great guneral planner and allows you to name a heir for your facebook account.

Otrib’s Final Wishes

Lets you name an heir to your Facebook account and specify its handling after you die.


8.The Funeral Lady. She discontinued her e-mail series but her blog goes on.

Everyone has a story and every life is worth remembering.

Listening is the first step… Help the healing begin..

via Generally I do not recommend funeral planning sites but this one is exceptional.

making funeral arrangements for a loved one, or providing grief support to a friend, you can rely on the resources at to guide you through the process.


10.  The DigitalBeyond not a funeral site in the traditional sense, it is still quite important because it deals with what happens to your digital assets when you die. The people behind this site have a new book.

2010 was a big year for The Digital Beyond. Before I make any predictions for 2011, let’s review 2010.


Funeral industry Funeral News| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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Digital Death and Dying Makes it into the New York Times-YourFuneral Guy

8 Jan

Digital death and Dying has made it into the New York Times. What happens to your digital assets when you die? This is an important questions

One estimate pegs the number of U.S. Facebook users who die annually at something like 375,000. Academics have begun to explore the subject (how does this change the way we remember and grieve?), social-media consultants have begun to talk about it (what are the legal implications?) and entrepreneurs are trying to build whole new businesses around digital-afterlife management (is there a profit opportunity here?). Evan Carroll and John Romano, interaction-design experts in Raleigh, N.C., who run a site called, have just published a tips-and-planning book, “Your Digital Afterlife,” with advice about such matters as appointing a “digital executor.”

Dying on Facebook?

Adele McAlear, a social-media and marketing consultant, became interested in this subject a few years ago, when one of her regular Twitter contacts died. A Web enthusiast who has created “Lord knows how many profiles” for herself in the course of road-testing various new services, she is an “advocate of creating content and putting it online.”


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Hillenbrand( of Batesville Casket)continue to diversify-YourFuneralGuy

7 Jan Hillenbrand, Inc-  parent company, Batesville Casket  moving away from funeral industry

Hillenbrand Inc and the CEO Kenneth Camp, have acknowledged funeral industry and Casket sales decline.  The company executive has decided to live with the reality that is there. People are paying less funeral cost and many are continuing to live with the reality of the funeral industry decline.

Hillenbrand Inc. CEO Kenneth Camp might have been content for his company to stick to the casket business, given its predictability.

But with the public’s preference for cremation gaining on casket burials, he knew the company needed a new way to grow. Now, nine months after Hillenbrand closed on the $435 million purchase of Pitman, N.J.-based K-Tron International Inc., which makes manufacturing equipment, Camp is more convinced than ever that diversification was the right move.

“Batesville Casket will always be the bedrock, but we think it’s the right time for us to use some of our existing tools in an industry that can be another leg on the stool,” Camp said in an interview this week.


Batesville Casket will continue to diversify in the years ahead. As the funeral industry declines, more alliances between companies like Batesville and other vendors will continue.

Funeral Industry|FuneralNews| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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Illinos Preneed Scam seeks appeal in Court-Your Funeral Guy

7 Jan
Seal of Illinois. Center image extracted from ...
Illinois Scandal-Image via Wikipedia

Over a year and a half ago Icanceled my membership in Illinois Funeral Directors Association. Paying an organization that questionably handled folks  funeral preneed funds  to the tune of nearly 100 million dollars is simply something I could not do!

Recently because of other questionable actions the judge has stated that the insurance company for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association did not have to insure the debacle,  theft or ponzi scheme. Now it appears that the IFDA, Illinois Funeral Directors Association is appealing that decision.

The Illinos Funeral Directors Association has decided to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that IFDA’s insurer would not be responsible for claims resulting from litigation surrounding the association’s beleaguered Master Trust …………

“Our lawyers believe that there are several arguments that can be made during the appeal that may allow for this ruling to be overturned,” said Duane Marsh, IFDA executive director. He noted that the appeal process can take up to 12 months depending upon the court’s schedule.


Funeral Industry |Funeral News | Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

This Funeral Scandal has seen no national coverage. Tere has been very little coverage of this funeral Preneed Scandal outside of Springfield. Illinois!

Your Funeral guy Blogs covered this scandal extensively for several years. The situation now is in the Hands of the courts.

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The Worst Funeral Article of 2010-Your Funeral Guy

6 Jan Six Illinois Funeral Directors are suing the Illinois Funeral Directors Association
Here is what I would call the worst Funeral post of 2010. This comes from Funeral Director Todd Van Beck, a Funeral Guru of sorts. In His post he refers to the FUNERAL CONSUMER As the  the Archie’s and Edith Bunkers of the World.
Todd Van Beck has been a well known Funeral Director for decades but the comments below show a high  level of arrogance and great disrespect for the common folk.
Todd Van Beck's picture

Wed, 06/09/2010 – 09:32 — Todd Van Beck

This is going to be a short and sweet writing.  The 2008 Gallup Poll results which polled the average American concerning the subject of professional ethics in careers is out, and once again funeral directors have made the top list.  I think, if memory serves, funeral directors have made this prestigious list for now over a decade.


It is OK to be proud of Funeral Directors the good ones. But the ones that lack ethics, the ones that steal 100′s of millions dollars of the Folks Preneed Money or the guy I used to work with who bought a great car at a reduced price from a widow so she could pay for her husbands funeral…

More from the Article:.

“The overall results of the Gallup Poll, which really focus in getting the opinions of the common ordinary folk, you know the Archie and Edith Bunkers of the world, who are the substance of the funeral profession, have concluded that Nurses literally shine in the public’s ethics opinion and Bankers have fallen from ethical grace in a big way – surprise of surprises.

Anyway here are the top ethical careers for 2008, in rank order:

1.      Nurses

2.      Pharmacists

3.      High School teachers

4.      Medical doctors

5.      Police officers

6.      Clergy

7.      Funeral Directors

8.      Accountants”


Todd Van Beck has given us a substandard blog post by calling Funeral Directors “Ethical”via


Funeral Industry, Funeral News, Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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Top Ten Batesville Casket Articles of 2010-Your Funeral Guy

6 Jan

Here are the top ten Batesville Casket Company Articles of 2010- Batesville Casket Company is the largest supplier of Caskets in the United States.

  1. Inside Batesville Casket Company it is very competitive, Casket sales are down so much so that it is at least in the manufacturing plants-it’s dog eat dog
  2. Cremation is taking the Batesville Casket Company Down As more and More People demand cremation there is less need.for caskets.
  3. has been chasing Batesvile Caskets since 2009. The Purchase of Goria Vaults, non funeral companies peaks the young webmaster’s interest at this site.
  4. The Wall Street Journal has done an article on Hillenbrand Inc, HI and funeral cost. WSJ often takes down their links.
  5. Can the  casket company  be raised from the dead?
  6. The Funeral industry Decline has sponsored many alliances. In 2010 Batesville Casket Partnered with FTD Florists
  7. In 2010 a Lawsuit against Batesville casket was dismissed.
  8. Batesville Casket Company won  a Mexican Knock off  Casket  Patent case.
  9. Early in 2010 Hillenbrand, Inc Had a Moody Credit downgrade.
  10. The Big story here is not a lawsuit. The Story is that the big three Casket Company may begin to sell directly to the consumers!

There are more Batesville Casket Company Blog posts at your funeral guy blogs. Some are more controversial than those mentioned above.

Funeral Industry|funeral news| Funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy

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Top Service Corporation International Articles of 2010-YourFuneralGuy

5 Jan dignity-memorial1

Here are the top ten Service Corporation International SCI, -NYSE:SCI posts of 2010. Service Corporation International.

Service corporation International is known for  Funeral Scandal. All these posts are not scandal related, many though include scandal. There are more stories at Your Funeral Guy blogs on Service Corporation International.

Top Ten Service Corporation Articles of 2010 By Your Funeral Guy

  1. There has been “evidence tampering” reporting in the SCI -Eden Memorial Park(up to 500 graves disturbed) – Service Corporation International NYSE:SCI Lawsuit -  World Largest Funeral Corporation Eden Memorial Park Scandal Evidence Tampering
  2. Service corporation International is suing  anotherFuneral home(s) over the name.-SCI sues over Funeral Home Name
  3. In Chicago a discount and High end Funeral Home are fighting over a name with Service Corporation International Suing-Chicago Area Funeral home name Lawsuit
  4. Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation turns to Tempoary Workers- This is not a good sign
  5. In 2o1o as in 2009 Service Corporation International had a Wrong body Wrong Grave Scandal
  6. Service Corporation International had a flag flying over a grave scandal in Skokie Illinois outside of Chicago
  7. Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation averted a strike with the Teamsters, Funeral Directors had to give up concessions
  8. Service Corporation International sweeps away Baby’s Momentos, More of this was reported in 2009.
  9. The World’s Largest Funeral Corporation produces shocking, weird  NYSE: SCI radio ad.
  10. SCI Employee comments in 2010 on what its like to work at the World largest Funeral Corporation. We also Covered This in 2009 with info from a different employee.

Funeral Industry| Funeral News| Funeral  Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Remember using an SCI Funeral Home facility will not usually save on Funeral Cost

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