Political Spin to Much to blog on Arizona Shooting- Funerals ahead-Your Funeral Guy

10 Jan
Map of USA with Arizona highlighted
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Pundits and  Politicians on all sides are putting forth too much spin to  blog on  Arizona Congresswoman shooting . Even the other innocents  deaths have been exploited.It is my hope that their Funerals will not be politicized.

At this time it appears that the rhetoric and politicizing  of the deaths and probably the funerals is an unprecedented  tragedy beyond the sad event.

It is my hope that all will back off and respect the dead. The violence deserves condemnation. The issues are complex.

Using this tragedy for Political Purposes shows plays on the  fears and mayhem in this event.

Generally I blog about Funerals when it involves politics. The bloggers, News stations and Cable  Media are way out of control in this case.

It is my belief that the Congress, Law Enforcement and the Executive Branch are all  off the chart, if not the planet. I also refuse to comment on the Barack  “Obama moment of silence” today

I have been praying for the families of the deceased and for the Congresswoman  Gabriel Gifford’s recovery.

The shootings is are a great national tragedy. This Coverage of this  event,( including the possible elimination of free speech) is horrific. It is a glaring Example of the division, hurt, and extremism  in the United States of America.

An Original Your Funeral Guy Post.

Eventually there will be a detailed blog post on all this.

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It is worth noting that crazed shooters, killing innocents and politicians since the foundation of the USA.

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  1. Its horrendous

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