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3 Jan
Map of USA with Maine highlighted
Alkaline Hydrolysis machines may appear in Funeral Homes across  the USA in 2011 – the USA Image via Wikipedia

There seems to a problem with the installation of Alkaline Hydroylsis machines in  the USA and the World.. This goes for the High Pressure machines like the one going  into a  a Florida Funeral Home that has been delayed several times. It is also the case that  A  Low pressure machine, Low temperature Alkaline Hydrolysis machine at the Queensland centre  (Aquamation) is having  difficulty working according to confirmed sources.

It should be noted that a Cycled Life Or Aquamation machined is  is slated to go into an Ohio Funeral Home this spring.(Confirmed)

There is also true that 2 Eco-Green Green Cremation  System Machines are  suppose to go into  the Maine Funeral Home, Crabiel- Riposta Funeral Home. Of the players involved Eco Green Cremation system and Aquamation have shown us no pictures of their machines. Pictures of the CycledLife, BIOsafe Engineering, Bio Cremation(TM) and Resomation(R) Machines are readily available.

EcoGreen Cremation System does market themselves a turnkey system.

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