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30 Dec
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Funeral Webcasting an innovation in 2009 has grown dramatically in 2010. This  is quite  interesting because some funeral homes are offering this service free.

A Video of a funeral can easily be posted on a FREE blog site such as or

Funeral Webcasting does provide an excellent service for those who cannot attend the funeral of a loved one

Funeral webcasts are one of the newest services offered by an industry increasingly focused on memory instead of mourning. With computer access easy to come by and cheaper than a plane ticket, webcasting is increasingly popular option at Chicago-area funeral homes.

“It’s not like it used to be, where you were raised in a community, lived in a community and died in a community,” said John Haben, owner of the Haben Funeral Home and Crematory in Skokie. “Families are spread throughout the world, and the Internet is one way of bringing them together.”

Funerals in the Chicago area have been witnessed electronically by friends and family members across North America, in Central America and as far away as the Philippines. Last month, the funeral of Cpl. Chad Young, a soldier from Rochester, Ill., who was killed in action, was streamed live to his unit in Afghanistan.

“It made us feel very good that they got to see it,” his mother, Brett, said. “I’m glad it was possible.”

In most cases, the funeral service is recorded on a high-definition camera, uploaded to the Internet and then either streamed live or posted later. The online funerals are generally kept private, with links to the webcasts sent to selected e-mail addresses.

Most funeral homes work with companies that provide the technical expertise, equipment and software to put together the webcasts.

All that’s needed to view the funeral are a computer with an Internet connection and an e-mail address, said Greg Bolan, owner of Delgado Funeral Chapels in Joliet.

Many local funeral homes charge $100 to $300 for the service, while Bolan does it for free.


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Some though find this not needed with the recording of videos on cell phones. When broadcasting video live becomes available on cell phones  this service may be quickly outdated.

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