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29 Dec
Map of the Korean peninsula with Jeju Island l...
Resomation or Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition is do to be tested in South Korea in 2011.-Image via Wikipedia

Resomation and Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition will gain international reognition in 2011. Belgium Funeral Directors have requested Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition(Resomation  in 2010. A Florida Funeral home has a Resomation Machine.

The acceptance of this new form of disposition will grow in 2011Water cremation, Water Resolution, or green cremation  are other word s for the same process.

The ‘Resomation’ process breaks down a corpse using alkaline hydrolysis instead of extremely high heat, says the ACS.

The alkaline hydrolysis method ‘has a much lower carbon footprint than cremation’ because the tissue is not burned and the process also uses an eighth of the energy required for cremation. Any dental amalgam that remains is easily separated from the bone ash and sent for recycling.

According to the ACS, Sweden and Germany will soon begin clinical tests of the Resomation process with humans who have volunteered for the procedure. Other tests will begin later this year in South Korea.


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2010 saw a water cremation machine installed in Australia

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