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27 Dec
Shop window of a funeral director in France
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Funeral Homes as a small business(USA) in 2010 saw the rise of the part time Funeral Director. With the recent  (Obama’) administration not so subtle opposition to small business,  the funeral industry decline, the rise of cremation and folks wanting to pay less for funerals  this is an expected result.

The administration  in the United States may change their position on this( small business). But for 2011 at least the rise of the part time funeral director will continue.

Over the Year I have spoken to many funeral home owners who are avoiding paying benefits(Health mainly) by using part time funeral directors.

This is consistent with documented  rise of health care rates, at the end of 2010 and the slow  recovery from the great recession.

The great Baby Boomer Die off( death trend) is not likely to occur in 2011)barring a  major national disaster or Armageddon scenario.

The use of Part Time Funeral Directors will grow in 2011 alongside the trend to lower funeral cost

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This is an original your funeral guy post, the opinion of Your Funeral Guy, and not based on scientific data.

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