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24 Dec
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There were many things done quite differently at the Elizabeth Edwards Funeral, such as her husband  John Edwards not speaking. More significantly there was no sign of Elizabeth Edwards Planning for her own Funeral, according to my Friend Gail Rubin.

At Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral, Glenn Bergenfield, a close family friend who presented a eulogy, said that in her final days, as he looked around the Edwards household for any guidance she had regarding funeral arrangements, he found none.

As she was such a detailed planner, he thought surely she would have left detailed notes. Bergenfield said, “As the week has worn on I have begun to think she saw the sad and beautiful metaphor: We must go on ourselves.”

Edwards did make plans for her children’s Christmas, but not her own funeral. At least the family knew she wanted to be buried next to her son Wade and have the funeral in the same Methodist church where his funeral was held. Some people don’t even express that extent of their plans or wishes.

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