Bank of America Takes husband Ashes In Foreclosure-Your Funeral Guy

23 Dec
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In a very strange situation Bank of America(BOFA) has taken the ashes of a husband during a Foreclosure. Granted this was done by contractors but is  quite unacceptable. It is another case of disrespect for the dead and the feelings foo the death.

A bank has been accused of unlawfully seizing the ashes of a dead husband from his grieving widow’s home.

Bailiffs working for the Bank of America are said to have broken into the Mimi Ash’s house during a foreclosure before ransacking the place.

And, according to a U.S. lawsuit, they helped themselves to family and childhood photographs along with her son’s ski medals while cleaning out the entire house.


One of the perils of cremation is that ashes (when not scattered0 can be lost or stolen.

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