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20 Dec
An artificial pacemaker from St. Jude Medical,...
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Recycling Pacemakers is to be done by USA Funeral Homes. Pacemakers are generally not available to people in poor countries.

But That will change in the near future. The Funeral director and funeral home will become involved. This is a simple service that should have been supplied by Funeral Directors Years ago.

In the United States, pacemakers cost $10,000 to $50,000 to implant. About 100,000 Americans undergo the surgery each year. These life-saving devices, however, are mostly discarded in medical waste or buried with people when they die.

“We just throw it away,” Don Paluczak, a funeral director at Kutis Funeral Home’s Affton location.

Meanwhile, in poor counties, about 1 million people die each year from not having access to pacemakers, according to Heartbeat International, a nonprofit group that delivers expired devices from pacemaker manufacturers to countries in need.

Instead of throwing the devices away, University of Michigan researchers are asking people to drop them in the mail.


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