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19 Dec
Lee Harvey Oswald
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Remarkably the Casket(Coffin) Of Lee Harvey Oswald has gone for $87,400 US Dollars at auction. Lee Harvey Oswald is th accused Assassin of John F Kennedy. He was killed beore being brought to trial The Warren Commission


The online bidding started at $1,000 early in the day and reached $23,000 by afternoon.

The original deadline for bidding was 7 p.m., but Nate Sanders, of Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Santa Monica, Calif., said auction rules allowed bidding to continue until one of two final competitors conceded. The auction ended about 10 p.m.

The wooden coffin was used for the burial of Oswald in 1963 but was exhumed in 1981.

Auction officials had predicted the casket could fetch up to $100,000.

The artifact was offered for sale by Allen Baumgardner, who kept it for three decades in a storage area of his funeral home in Fort Worth. Baumgardner, 68, said that he had decided to sell it because “none of us is going to be around forever.”

via www.dallasnews.com

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