Now is the Time To End Maryland’s State Funeral Cartel-Your Funeral Guy

12 Dec
The 2003 USDA Hardiness Zone map of Maryland.
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Now is the time to end the State of Maryland’s Funeral Cartel -Your Funeral Guy has worked with Maryland Funeral Homes and have found them to be very protective of the TRADITIONAL FUNERAl  overall and not open to low cost Funeral Options.

Now this is not true across the board and is based on Your Funeral Guy’s experience only.

None the less State funeral cartels are harmful to the general public and need to be regulated.

A cartel of state-licensed funeral directors has been fleecing Maryland consumers to the tune of $800 per funeral for decades. The law that created this Maryland funeral cartel is unfair, immoral and unconscionable. A federal appeals court will soon decide whether it is also unconstitutional. The stakes are high: With 43,000 deaths per year in Maryland, the funeral cartel stands to lose tens of millions of dollars per year in unearned monopoly profits, and it certainly won’t let that happen without a fight.

Alone among the states, Maryland law provides that only state-licensed funeral directors may own funeral homes. Now, it’s one thing to say that anyone who wants to conduct a funeral has to be a licensed funeral director, but it’s another thing to say that only licensed funeral directors may own funeral homes. That’s like saying only licensed pilots can own airlines. And guess who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbyists to thwart public-spirited reform efforts and prevent the Maryland funeral industry from being opened up to fair competition the way it is in other states? Why, state-licensed funeral directors of course.


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It is best for the consumer that all funeral cartels be stopped.

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