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Gay,coffin,caskets arrive on the Scene-Your Funeral Guy

17 Nov

Gay caskets have arisen on the scene. They are available in Europe and Germany.

Funeral directors in Germany are bidding for the pink pound – by launching coffins specially designed for gay customers.

The caskets feature homoerotic artwork on the outside and come with a series of tastefully luxurious plush designer interiors, say makers Mike Konigsfeld and Tom Brandl in Cologne, Germany.

The designers – who have lived together for more than 10 years – say the images of muscular young men in classical poses are the perfect way to send off a loved one.

“Naturally there were some people who threw their hands up in horror when we had them on display in the window but they are tasteful and beautiful – like our customers,


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Worlds largest Funeral Corp suing another funeral home over a name| YourFuneralGuy

17 Nov

The worlds largest Funeral Corporation is suing another Funeral Home over a name, a name it purchased fiffteen years ago. Service corporation NYSE: SCI,  Service Corporation International purchased many funeral homes about 1990. The non compete agreements are expiring.

Syracuse, NY — Fifteen years ago, one of the biggest funeral chains in North America added Syracuse to its empire by paying more than $6 million for Pirro & Sons, one of the area’s most prestigious and successful mortuaries.

As it does in other cities, Service Corporation International went on to snap up other area mom-and-pop funeral homes in Syracuse to add to its chain of more than 1,200 mortuaries.

Now the Pirros have split from SCI and one has started an independent mortuary, Thomas J. Pirro Funeral Home, in Salina. That move has sparked a fight between SCI and the well-known Syracuse family of morticians over the right to use the name “Pirro.”

SCI is suing the Pirros and will take its case before a judge in February.


This is a different case than the case  tham the Mandel case already mentionedpreviously mentioned

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If its no lameduck pass- No Bereaved Consumers bill of Rights Act-YourFuneralGuy

14 Nov
United States Capitol in daylight
Image via Wikipedia

If the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights act does not pass the 2010 lame duck Congress. Odds are it will not happen at all. The Bill has not been scheduled for a House Vote. The Bill Hr 3655  a cemetery legislative reform bill bringing some cemeteries under the FTC Funeral Rule.

Cemetery reform is definetley needed after the Burr Oak Cemetery and Eden Memorial Park Scandal of  2009. These are horror stories beyond comprehension.

In this year of real political confusion, these basic needed reforms may fall by the way side!

The bill has engaged Democratic support but Republican Opposition.

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Video Shows how to end a fake funeral for drug money!-YourFuneralGuy

14 Nov


This video shows how to end a Fake Funeral for Drug Money. Yes in the previous story the young mother was faking her daughters funeral for money allegedly —-drug  Money. The cremation ashes were actually those of her mother’s. After the funeral the mother disappeared.

This recently released video explains it all.

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Sign of the times-Mom fakes daughters Funeral?-YourFuneralGuy

14 Nov
This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...
Wayne county Indiana mom accused of Faking her own  daughter’s Funeral -Image via Wikipedia

Here is a sign of the times, A Mom has been accused of Faking her daughters funeral. A sad commentary on the times in which we live due to the reat recession.

A Wayne County mom is accused of an elaborate fake funeral for her teenage daughter.

Tuesday night, family and friends gathered at a Richmond, Indiana church to mourn the death of the girl who had supposedly been murdered by her father out of state. However, during the funeral those who attended found out the girl was actually alive and her mother had apparently made the whole thing up.

The woman, Angie Boyd, claimed her daughter had been raped and killed by her father. The woman’s brother though, didn’t believe her story and called her out during the service.

“It was the toughest thing I have ever had to do get up and admit that my sister’s a fraud and that she’s lying to these people and taking advantage of them. How can you do that?” said Brian LaMaster.


Unique a funeral with no body present when no death occurred. Fake funerals or a staged funeral can both be done for legitimate and illegitimate purposes.

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Staging a funeral can be used for political protest, criminal activity, and entertainment

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Jewish Cremation Advertisement stirs things up-Your Funeral Guy

12 Nov

A cemetery has put out a Jewish Cremation Ad that has stirred things up. Cremation in the Jewish and Muslim community is taboo. For Jewish folks cremation is especially sensative because of the Holocaust

Now some Jewish folks have been forced into cremation because of the great recession and funeral cost.

Although he sensed potential provocation, the general manager of a local Jewish cemetery said he never imagined that his full-page advertisement touting cremation as an alternative to burial would cause such a backlash.


“Did you know … Jewish people are being cremated?” blared the banner in the full-page advertisement for Roosevelt Memorial Park in Trevose in the Oct. 28 issue of the Jewish Exponent.

But in a barrage of letters and calls to the cemetery, as well as to the Exponent, several rabbis and Holocaust survivors expressed outrage


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Mosque Going into a Funeral Home-YourFuneralGuy

12 Nov
The Baitunnur mosque of the Ahmadiyya Muslim C...
A funeral Home in Oshkosh Wisconsin is being turned into a Mosque and Community center- nonspecific Mosque Image via Wikipedia

The times they area changing even in OSHKOSH, Wis. —A  FUNERAL HOME IS BEING is being turned into a MOSQUE AND COMMUNITY CENTER. Just another sign of Funeral industry decline. OSKOSH Wisconsin is   no large metropolitan area.

The Oshkosh City Council has approved the location of a mosque, despite objections from neighbors.

The council Tuesday night approved a permit that allows the Ahmadiyaa (ah-mah-DEE’-ah) Muslim Community to convert a former funeral home into a mosque and community center.

…………Neighbors opposed to the permit argued the mosque was the wrong use for the site and would be used 16 to 18 hours a day.

WLUK-TV reports Ahmadiyaa leader Khurram Ahmad says they will do their best to address the neighbors concerns. He says part of the Muslim faith is to be accommodating to neighbors.


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