TSA Security Administration screwing up a 2 Car Funeral-Your Funeral Guy

23 Nov
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Transportation Safety Administration has been screwing up a 2 car funeral. (TSA screwing up a 2 car funeral) is what the headline read. The pat downs have brought critism along with the full body scanners exposing body parts.

A Republican Congressman who supports the use of full-body scanners blasted the Transportation Security Administration on Friday for failing to deploy technology that would prevent the scanners from capturing images of private body parts.

Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he hasn’t had a change of heart about his initial support for the scanners following the attacks on 9/11, but faulted TSA for deploying equipment he termed “invasive.”

“They [TSA] went ahead and, without consulting us [Congress], bought, to me, offensive equipment that should not be used, and it does invade the privacy of people,” Mica said.

via thehill.com

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