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14 Nov
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Wayne county Indiana mom accused of Faking her own  daughter’s Funeral -Image via Wikipedia

Here is a sign of the times, A Mom has been accused of Faking her daughters funeral. A sad commentary on the times in which we live due to the reat recession.

A Wayne County mom is accused of an elaborate fake funeral for her teenage daughter.

Tuesday night, family and friends gathered at a Richmond, Indiana church to mourn the death of the girl who had supposedly been murdered by her father out of state. However, during the funeral those who attended found out the girl was actually alive and her mother had apparently made the whole thing up.

The woman, Angie Boyd, claimed her daughter had been raped and killed by her father. The woman’s brother though, didn’t believe her story and called her out during the service.

“It was the toughest thing I have ever had to do get up and admit that my sister’s a fraud and that she’s lying to these people and taking advantage of them. How can you do that?” said Brian LaMaster.


Unique a funeral with no body present when no death occurred. Fake funerals or a staged funeral can both be done for legitimate and illegitimate purposes.

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Staging a funeral can be used for political protest, criminal activity, and entertainment

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