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9 Nov
Shop window of a funeral director in France
even if you choose cremation you usually buy an urn!Image via Wikipedia

Presenting funeral options is selling. Connecting appears to be at it again. He says that presenting funeral options is not selling. No matter how you cut Funeral Arrangements involve Selling.

Funeral Contracts involve funeral goods and services an arrangement conference for a funeral involves a sale.

It appears that the webmaster at who is not a funeral director is continuing his rationalizations about the ethos of Funeral Directors.

The writer of the following Boston Herald article total puts a black eye on funeral directors and in my opinion is way out of line. I have never talked to a funeral director who “sells” or tries to “sell” a family anything. Presenting options to a family is not selling. I would love to read your comments on the following article:


More on the Connecting Directors situation  Click here:



The articled referred to is the Boston Herald article in the previous post.

Saying he has never talked to a funeral director who sells or tries to sell anything. is an irrational thought. The webmaster is a Wilbert Vault salesman! Can you have  to a funeral without purchasing a casket, cremation container, or shroud or a method to dispose of a body.

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It is my opinion Websites like connecting harm the funeral consumer by presenting lies about funerals. As I see it, the advertisers continue the exploitation of the funeral consumer by bringing on new ways for the funeral director to take your money.

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