Bio Cremation Machine may be working by the End of the Year-yourfuneralguy

1 Nov

Bio Cremation or cremation by water soon to happem.

A Matthews Cremation, Bio Cremation Machine, resomation, green cremation may be close to going in to a funeral home in St Petersburg, Florida.

Bio Cremation, Resomation, sometimes called Green Cremation will change the Funeral Industry. The new form of disposition, using alkaline hydrolysis has a ood carbon foot print.

Thinking about your end-of-life options? You can still be eco-friendly in the afterlife, according to an Apopka funeral-equipment company.

Matthews Cremation is touting the latest addition to green initiatives in the funeral industry.

“Bio-cremation” involves dissolving the deceased in a heated, chemical solution that its proponents say leaves less of a carbon footprint and is an accelerated form of natural decomposition the body undergoes when buried.

“What we’re… offering is for someone who is interested in the cremation disposition that doesn’t carry the impact on the environment,” said Steve Schaal, president of the Apopka division of Matthews International, a funeral-services company.

Matthews Cremation is providing equipment to the Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg, which could perform what they say is the first bio-cremation in the country before year’s end. The funeral home expects to get permitting approval from the city in the next week or so.


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