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27 Oct
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The  media has not been slamming the Funeral Industry lately-instead the have been providing information on  the great recession and consumers funeral cost and the turn towards cremation.

Msn Money, The Wall Street Journal, CNN,  The NewYork Times, the Huffington Post and many local papers  have covered the subject of the rise of cremation and the fact that people want to save on caskets , and other funeral products to Save on a Funeral.

Recently i gave advice to a friend on Funeral Cost. They decided to have a memorial service at a Nursing Home Rather thee  Funeral Home.

Some Funeral Director websites like Connecting and the Memorial Business Journal accuse the media continuing  be negative on the Funeral Industry by reporting scandal.

The fact is that Many Funeral Scandals do not make it into the Mainstream media. The Tale The Illinois Funeral Directors  Preneed Scandal is an example. The scandal was given extensive coverage in the Springfield, Illinois area but received minimal coverage in Chicago media and  no national media coverage.  The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal, received extensive coverage in the Chicago area and other localities but little to no coverage in the National media

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