Now you can Have a Green Burial For a donation-Your Funeral Guy

18 Oct
Forever Fernwood Green Burial Grave
Image by kqedquest via Flickr

Now it is happens in Huntsville Texas that you can have a Green burial for a donation. This approach may break green burials through into  real popularity. Truly the carbon Footprint in eco-burial is much better than a traditional funeral.


“While a green burial may not be for everyone, George says it comes with advantages.

“The advantages are tenfold,” says George. “One being the cost of traditional funerals would send a kid all the way off to college–of course the other advantage is recycling back into nature and protecting a part of the endangered ecosystem. When you are buried in a native ecosystem, you are a part of a perpetual legacy.”

Only 13 people have been buried in the ‘green’ wildlife sanctuary since opening–including Kenneth’s wife, Marjorie.

“This is heaven, heaven can’t be any better than this….”

George says the Ethician Family Cemetery is the only non-commercial ‘green’ cemetery–which means individuals can be buried on the raw land for a simple donation…For more on ecofriendly burials you can contact George Russell at: 936-581-4302.”

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One Response to “Now you can Have a Green Burial For a donation-Your Funeral Guy”

  1. Mobi Medical Supply (@MobiMedical) October 29, 2013 at 7:32 am #

    One thing about green burial is that it uses biodegradable caskets which will break down over time, meaning that the burial will not have a harsh impact on nature. These type of caskets provide protection for the body during the funeral, but eventually they fade away.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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