Shocker-High School Bullies laugh into an open casket-Your Fumeral Guy

12 Oct
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It is reported that a Bullied teenager who committed suicide was laughed at in her open casket.

This a sad human story.


Sladjana Vidovic fled her war torn home in Bosnia for the safety of America. What she found instead was taunting classmates who called her names, threw food at her and in one instance pushed her down a flight of stairs. The administration at Mentor High School did nothing to stop the torment.

Now as a lawsuit on behalf of Sladjana Vidovic inches forward, a shocking detail emerges that brings into clear focus the brazenness of Sladjana’s tormentors. Some of them actually came to the funeral not as a belated show of contrition, but to make fun of the deceased teen one last time in front of her grieving family. AOL News reports.


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