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4 Oct
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The Chicago Tribune has done an article on preneed aggressively sold to  a person on disability. This is truly another example about why  one  should not pre-purchase, prepay a funeral. This  type of aggressive salesmanship is not needed or good for the Funeral Business.

The flier that arrived in Carol Rognstad’s mailbox sounded like a great deal. For only $38 a month, she could prepay for her future cremation.

The 48-year-old, who is mentally disabled, prides herself on doing things on her own. So she called the number listed and set up an appointment.

In mid-July, a representative from Warren Funeral Home visited her low-income apartment in Round Lake Beach. Rognstad signed a 60-month contract, in which she agreed to pay a total of $2,280.

But a few months later, Rognstad began having second thoughts. Because she relies solely on her monthly disability check, the $38 payment had a significant impact. Concerned she had done something wrong, Rognstad called her mother, Holly Anderle, and asked for help.


$2,280 USD is far too much to pay for a cremation.

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