Marsellus Casket Co Bldg Demoished-Symbolic of Casket Decline-Your Funeral Guy

4 Oct

The building once produced the most expensive caskets in the world was demolished last week. This is symbol of casket decline traditional  funeral industry trouble. in the United States. It all relates back to the rise of Cremation.

Marsellus Casket Company once was the casket Company to the Presidents and the World’s elite.

Syracuse, NY — The Marsellus Casket Co. clock that told the time over Erie Boulevard for years is gone, brought down during demolition of the fire-ravaged factory.

Excavators continue to dig through the wreckage this morning of the 121-year-old red brick building that was destroyed by a fire Wednesday morning that burned for hours. Police and fire investigators say someone sparked the fire, but they aren’t sure if it was deliberate.


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Featured Image by Dick Blume / The Post-Standard

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One Response to “Marsellus Casket Co Bldg Demoished-Symbolic of Casket Decline-Your Funeral Guy”

  1. Todd Haley January 3, 2017 at 2:46 pm #

    You are correct. This is another sign of the decline of traditional funerals but it is also a sign that we all better be ready to change how we do things. Change is not necessarily a bad thing. We are struggling with it as is everyone else.

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