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1 Oct
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Bill was Sponsored by Senator John Kerry Image via Wikipedia

Congress has passed a new law  that parents can be buried with Fallen Soldiers. This legislation has been before Congress for quite some time. The legislation however has gotten very little national attention.

A bill allowing parents of fallen soldiers to be buried with their children in any of the 131 national veterans’ cemeteries was passed this week by both houses of Congress, US Senator John F. Kerry’s office said today.

The Corey Shea Act, named for a 21-year-old Army specialist who was killed in Iraq in 2008, was sponsored by Kerry in the Senate and US Representative Barney Frank in the House.

“I feel more at peace now than I have in almost two years. I just feel elated that I can be buried with my son,” said Shea’s mother, Denise Anderson of Mansfield, who said she was “tired” from the yearlong fight to get the bill passed.


The bill was hr3949.

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