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28 Sep
United States of America
Batesville Casket Company is the largest Casket Distributer in the United States Image via Wikipedia

The casket cartel continues in the United States of America. A Texas judge has dismissed a  lawsuit case against Batesville Casket Company. The case has to do with casket price Fixing.

Per normal the head of Hillenbrand, Inc had to gloat, and brag about his casket cartel company(my opinion)– Batesville Casket Co.

We are very pleased with the dismissal of this suit,” said Kenneth A. Camp, president and chief executive officer of Hillenbrand. “From the beginning of this extraordinarily long process, we knew the plaintiffs’ allegations were baseless. As we will always do, we aggressively defended our fair and ethical practice of selling Batesville-branded products only through licensed funeral homes.”


My opinion is Calling Batesville’s  casket selling policies fair and ethical (in my opinion only) is  false, a big  bold face lie. The information on discounts Batesville gives to the Funeral Home are not available to the purchaser in most cases,  the consumer hurting in their grief.

Hillenbrand, Inc and Batesville Casket Company leave the door wide open for Funeral directors  to take advantage of funeral consumer.(Obscene Profit Margins).

From my experience selling Caskets, the markup is between 100 an d 500 percent.  No one but insiders know each funeral home’s casket markup. Batesville gets out of any accountability on this issue, by saying it is  to the Funeral  Home to set the price. Meanwhile the discounts Batesville gives to each funeral provider are not available to the consumer speaking from my experience.

So how may one defeat any casket cartel?

Find a funeral provider who will share the markup on their caskets. In Most Cases that will be a lower cost funeral provider.

Be sure to price caskets, at the funeral home, third party, and on the internet.

Funeral Homes are required by Law to accept third party caskets.

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There is no way that a Casket Cartel is fair and ethical. Funeral Director sales exclusivity is not Free market activity, that is the opinion of Your Funeral Guy

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