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27 Sep
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The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) needs to report On Funeral Costs- The Last time they reported on Funeral Costs was over Three Years Ago(figures from 2006).

No matter how they spin it their actions have been pulling the wool over the Funeral Consumer’s eyes.

This somewhat secretive society just does not want the folks to know current funeral cost. It is my opinion that my fellow funeral directors do this so they can charge you more.

Here are the average Funeral costs from 2006 from the NFDA

Funeral Costs

Cost of regular adult funeral including following basic items. Does not include cemetery, monument/marker costs or miscellaneous cash advance charges such as for flowers or obituaries.

Item Price*
Non-declinable basic services fee $1,595
Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home $233
Embalming $550
Other preparation of the body $203
Use of facilities/staff for viewing $406
Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony $463
Use of a hearse $251
Use of a service car/van $120
Basic memorial printed package $119
Subtotal without Casket: $3,940
Metal Casket $2,255
Subtotal with Casket: $6,195
Vault $1,128
Total Cost $7,323

2006 NFDA General Price List Survey. NFDA will release new data in 2010.-via

2010 is almost gone so where are the numbers?

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