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20 Sep
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It is best to pre-plan your funeral, wise not to prepay. Preplanning can save your family from difficult decisions when they are emotionally distraught.Preplanning is not difficult, and does not have to take along time. It doses involve some thought.

Prepaying a funeral can be dangerous. Each preneed contract is different. In most cases you cannot get your money back. If you move the Funeral may or may not be transferable to another state. There is  also the risk of the Funeral director taking your money. The Illinois Funeral Directors Preneed trust Ponzi Scam (100 Million gone) and the National Prearranged Services Scam(Estimated 1 billion) gone are prime examples of Preneed gone crazy.

Funeral Cost is gaining attention in the media.

Snippet from CBS:

First, try to preplan. We’re used to shopping around for everything else, but people feel like they need to spend big on funerals as a way to show their love. It’s a good idea to have a family discussion or leave instructions in your will about what you want. That helps determine how much to set aside, and keeps family and friends from spending too much.

Don’t pre-pay. Funeral homes’ pitch to lock in funeral costs by pre-paying while you’re alive may sound appealing, but it’s almost never a smart idea. State regulation controls how much if any of those plans can be refunded, should you move, or if the funeral home goes out of business. Most offer little recourse. It’s better to create a payable-on-death account or a funeral trust through a life insurance company.


The preneed pitch to lock in today’s prices now to save on Funeral Cost is simply not true in this economy. No Investment can be guaranteed due to the great recession.

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2 Responses to “Funeral Cost, Pre-plan, No Prepay-Your Funeral Guy”

  1. robert8331 September 20, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    Mr. Burkhardt, I have been receiving your newsletters now for about 5 to 6 weeks, alot of the information you put out is very good. My question to you is why do you have a beef with a funeral home making a profit, or a funeral director having a position in a funeral home, it seems like a lot of what you write is attempting to beat up on the funeral business, I looked under IDFPR License look-up, you have a valid funeral director license, and I know what you had to do to get that, I had to go through the same grueling classes, labs, internships, conference test, apprenticeships,and finally got that license, but why is it that you have to bum rap the entire funeral industry on a constant regular basis? I agree there are problems, why don’t you work in the system to make the system a better system sir? I sincerely hope you can answer my questions. Sincerely, Robert a funeral director that loves his career.

  2. yourfuneralguy September 20, 2010 at 7:10 pm #


    I do not have a beef with a funeral home making a profit, my beef is with funeral home owners taking advantage of families in their grief. I certainly am not against a funeral director working in a funeral home. Many Owners corporate or private require a fleecing of the Funeral Consumer. Many Funeral Directors who work in funeral homes are forced to accept questionable tactics of their bosses.

    That said I am opposed to preneed because of unethical practices i have seen in Funeral homes- Lying to clients and even assigning of preneed to the deceased, along with the occasional dip into preneed funds by Owners to meet expenses. When I wrote my book I discovered several massive preneed scams. If you want to understand more of where I come from on this the Book is Rest in Peace Insiders tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral.

    Yes I am a licensed funeral director in Illinois, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. I do work in the system, i conduct freelance funeral services and consult with funeral homes and vendors.

    The “bum rap” is face of change. The industry needs to police itself effectively and bring on true change-What the Funeral Industry needs to do is give the consumer what he/she needs and wants. I have avoided the antics of the Industry leaders, the NFDA, Funeral Director Anti Consumer sites, State Funeral Director Associations, the ICCFA etc. When these folks get out of line I barely mention it. There are times i feel this is a disservice.

    I wish you the best in your career

    R.Brian Burkhardt

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