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16 Sep
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It is not the exact same scandal as the Illinois Funeral Directors Association(IFDA) Preneed Trust Scandal. But just as  in Illinois, problems with the California Master Trust and the California Funeral Directors Association relate back to funeral homes and misuse of Preneed Funds.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—A California agency plans to discipline about 300 funeral homes after finding the state’s second-largest funeral trust misused millions of dollars.Department of Consumer Affairs spokesman Russ Heimerich said Wednesday that funeral homes could be sent a warning letter or have their licenses revoked. The funeral homes all participate in the California Master Trust.

The trust holds money paid in advance by 27,000 individuals for funeral services, cemetery plots and other expenses.

Heimerich says the department will act against homes in coming weeks because the majority of them failed to say how they would correct problems found in a state audit released in July.


Just a few more reasons to avoid funeral preneed contracts or Prepaying for a Funeral.

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