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13 Sep
Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virgin...
Hallowed Ground sign at Arlington National Cemetery Image via Wikipedia

Pro bono work to do an assessment of the  process  and technologies difficulties at Arlington National Cemetery has begun. This is all be handled by The Northern Virginia Technology Council.  Technology Contractors for the Department of The Army Failed to put a computerized.

The pro bono work will suggest solutions to ANC, Arlington National Cemetery’s well publicized  problems.

Sept. 13  — The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) announced today that, after several productive meetings with staff at Arlington National Cemetery, it is moving forward immediately to conduct a pro-bono assessment of the Cemetery’s processes and technology. Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC and The MITRE Corporation are collaborating with thirteen other members of NVTC to conduct the assessment, which is expected to be complete within 60 days. The purpose of this initiative is to identify and develop solutions to restore America’s confidence in the integrity of Arlington National Cemetery. At the conclusion of this assessment, NVTC will provide a written report to Arlington National Cemetery Executive Director Kathryn Condon and the Secretary of the Army with the findings and recommendations.


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