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10 Sep
The embalming process includes the use of spec...
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What offends you more, Blood going down the Drain in Embalming or water going down the Drain in Green Cremation? Here is a video from the History Channel that explains Embalming and blood going down the drain in embalming. It is not too graphic(quite sterile).

Now look at this alkaline hydrolysis  machine where sterile water can go down the drain or on the ground as an effective fertilizer.

Last time I checked human blood was not safe or good for the Earth. Neither are the carcinogens present in Embalming Fluid

Alkaline hydrolysis disposition is known as resomation, bio cremation, water cremation, water resolution, cycledburial, aquamation and other names.

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CycledLife Machine pic used with permission. Your Funeral guy is not affiliated with any alkaline hydrolysis Company.

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One Response to “What offends? Embalming-Blood in Drain, or Green Cremation-yourfuneralguy”

  1. cycledlife September 10, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Unsterile burials often involve embalmed bodies which contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a known toxin, allergen, and carcinogen. Countries, including the United States, are considering a complete ban on the use of formaldehyde, as it is a biocide, meaning it is capable of killing living organisms. In the United States alone, about .8 million gallons of embalming fluid is pumped into human remains to displace the blood. Roughly 2 million gallons of unsterile blood and other body fluids are drained directly into the sewer. From a public health perspective, the deceased’s bodily fluids should be required to be treated for pathogens. A CycledBurial(TM) neutralizes the formaldehyde; whereas, burial does not. Further, a CycledBurial leaves the entire body pathogen-free. If so desired, the sterile remains from a CycledBurial can be placed in a burial plot, backyard or CycledCemetery(TM). There would be no need for a vault or casket.

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