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8 Sep
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John Stossel of Fox News has pointed out that Funeral Directors use Government to keep prices high.

This is true because  in spite of Federal Law- called the Funeral Rule declaring free trade in the funeral industry- it does not happen in certain States, counties and cities. State and localLaw trumps free trade(Funeral Rule) in the funeral industry. This should not be.

In Certain localities the Funeral Rule is trumped by State Law. In other words competition is forced out by certain laws. In some places  you are forced to buy Caskets from a Funeral Director.

Monks in Louisiana have recently raised this issue and got libertarians to help them.

The funeral directors had managed to get their state to pass a law decreeing that only “licensed funeral directors” may sell “funeral merchandise” like caskets.

To sell caskets legally, the monks would have to obtain a funeral director’s license. That required a year-long apprenticeship, passing a funeral industry test and converting their monastery into a “funeral establishment” by installing embalming equipment, among other things.

The state board and the Louisiana Funeral Directors Association
— the profession’s lobbyist — say the law is designed to protect consumers. But that’s what established businesses always say about absurd regulations they demand. An unusually candid funeral director told The Wall Street Journal, “They’re cutting into our profit.” Well, yes, free competition does do that. That’s the point.


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