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7 Sep
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Funeral Industry change- needs to happen. And it can Through Deregulation. But It is not Federal deregulation. It is deregulation of the states. Consumer funeral cost will then be reasonable.

The case of Louisiana Catholic  monks has brought this issue to the nation’s attention. Catholics Monks in Louisiana are not allowed under  the law to make a living selling pine boxes(coffins, Caskets) because in that State Louisiana,  Only Funeral Directors can sell caskets in that state . The Monks have shown wisdom in suing the state of Louisiana, in an effort to break the funeral and casket cartel in that state.

In some states it is state law that trumps the “Funeral Rule“.  Deregulation of the Funeral  is quite simple The Funeral Rule Needs to trump State Law.

In the mid 2oth century this was not possible. 1st There was no funeral rule. Second most funerals did not include interstate commerce. Everything was handled by the local funeral home. Some would argue that is still the case. It is not the what happens.  In many funerals today interstate commerce is involved. Deceased Folks(dead bodies) are often transferred from State to State. Cremated Remains are also moved across the country freely.

We can freely use the interstate commerce clause to argue funeral industry state deregulation (or funeral rule preeminence=Federal regulation of the industry),

Funeral Directors and Funeral Homes, crematories etc still need to be licensed to prevent abuse(Psst.. Maybe) But that is where state law should end.The funeral rule needs to be the law of the land in every state. Funeral Director protections need to be eliminated.

Today we can argue for the preeminence of the funeral rule.

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